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On the morning of September 19, Wanhua polyurethane energy-saving plate "experience house"

Wanhua ecological plate industry and energy-saving building materials product promotion conference was held in the cultural center square. The energy-saving experience house launched at the promotion conference attracted strong attention from the public. Many young people want to see the "real face" of green semi metal materials, which are widely used in the field of brake pad materials

on the west side of the cultural center square, two apartment houses stole the limelight at yesterday's promotion meeting. At 9:30 a.m., just after the promotion meeting, the two houses were packed with visitors

according to the introduction, the exterior wall material of the experience house is a kind of polyurethane energy-saving board developed by Wanhua Group. The inner layer of this energy-saving board has the function of heat preservation, and the outer surface is flat and uniform. It can be directly veneered or painted according to the requirements of different uses. In the process of use, it can be planed, milled, drilled, slotted, etc

"there is also a heat preservation effect when the cast iron specimen is slightly deformed at last." The person in charge of relevant departments of Wanhua Group told that the floor and furniture of the experience house are also made of this energy-saving board, This kind of plate has good resistance to "simultaneous combustion". It can be directly used in office buildings, airports, shopping centers, theatres, concert halls, cinemas, stadiums and other public places without any fire prevention treatment. At the same time, it can effectively prevent the release of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.

"these two houses are really not simple. They are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and fire-proof." Miss Yu, who lives in Laishan District, listened to the live commentary and praised the energy-saving experience house. She told me that the house she had just bought had not been renovated, so she would use these environmentally friendly materials for decoration in the future. It was very comfortable and safe

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