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The strong voice of the two sessions: how to change the development mode of the petrochemical industry

changing the economic development mode has become the strongest voice of the two sessions. But what are the difficulties to realize the real transformation? What efforts should be made? NPC deputies and CPPCC members gave analysis and suggestions

hidden crisis in achievements

looking at the GDP growth rate alone, China's achievements in the first four years of the eleventh five year plan are undoubtedly gratifying

deputies to the National People's Congress Zhangzhong, chairman of Shandong Binhua Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview with CCIN: "During the 11th Five Year Plan period, China's economy developed at a high speed. In 2006 and 2007, China's GDP maintained double-digit growth. After the international financial crisis, the GDP growth rate in 2008 and 2009 was more than 8%. The growth rate of the petrochemical industry was also higher than that of the national GDP on June 23, 2011. As a cell of the national economy, enterprises can directly reflect the development level of the overall economy. For example, Binhua group has realized profits in the first four years of the 11th Five Year Plan period The tax revenue is 8billion yuan, and it is estimated that 11billion yuan of profits and taxes will be realized during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, which is nearly four times that during the Tenth Five Year Plan period. "

but looking at other data, it shows that the quality and efficiency of China's economic growth are not high. Huangdaifang, member of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference and chairman of Taihao group, said: "at present, China's energy consumption per unit of GDP is 4.3 times that of the United States and 11.5 times that of Japan. The competitiveness of Chinese enterprises largely depends on the high consumption of resources and cheap labor. As China's rapid economic growth is accompanied by problems such as energy shortage and environmental pollution, China is facing the most prominent ecological and environmental challenges in history." There is also another data that makes the NPC deputies dissatisfied: the cost of China's economic growth is more than 25% higher than the world average

CPPCC members Xuguanju, chairman of CHUANHUA Group Co., Ltd., said in an interview with CCIN: "Take Zhejiang's enterprises for example. How difficult they are to face the financial crisis! This fully exposes the weak side of our enterprises. In the past, the high degree of export orientation contributed to their good development, but now the impact is also due to the high degree of export orientation, so the structural problem of strong export dependence has long existed, which is also where the development mode needs to be changed.

if they do not change, they will be beaten.

deputies to the National People's Congress on the necessity of changing the development mode Have a relatively full understanding

Firstly, it is necessary to change the development mode to participate in international competition. Deputies to the National People's Congress Guwentao, chairman of Jinxi Chemical Machinery (Group) Co., Ltd., said in an interview with CCIN: "We have a profound understanding of the saying that backwardness means being beaten. Now the world is developing a low-carbon economy. If the international community takes the lead in implementing carbon tariffs and other relevant measures, China may fall into a passive situation. SMM news: 1. On the one hand, the subsidies for new energy vehicles in the downstream have declined significantly. Therefore, it is necessary to change China's extensive development mode and transform to a low-carbon model."

chenyilong, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Hubei Wuhan Kaidi holding Investment Co., Ltd., told CCIN: "a scientific and technological revolution driven by new energy and new materials is coming. China must follow the trend, change its development mode and adjust its industrial structure."

second, changing the development mode is the need of China's own development. Representative guwentao said: "On the surface, the international financial crisis is an impact on China's development speed, but in fact it is an impact on the mode of economic development. Taking the petrochemical industry as an example, after years of rapid growth, the contradictions accumulated within the industry have become more and more prominent, such as unreasonable product structure, serious overcapacity in some industries, weak technological innovation ability, strong resource and energy constraints. This has seriously restricted the sustainable development of the industry. Petrochemicals Today, with the development of the industry, it is objectively necessary to make a major adjustment to solve the many contradictions accumulated internally. "

Hua Jianmin, deputy to the National People's Congress and vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, believes that the traditional industrial development model is difficult to sustain. In order to change from pursuing quantitative expansion to focusing on the quality and efficiency of development, we must adjust the structure. Without structural adjustment, growth will have no quality and will be easy to be extensive. We will return to the old road of ignoring the market, ignoring benefits, ignoring the environment and blindly repeating construction

Commissioner xuguanju said: "60 years ago, the founding of new China was a major event; 30 years ago, reform and opening up was a major event; today, the transformation of the mode of economic development is another major event. Changing the mode of economic growth is not only the call and requirement of the government, but also the inevitable choice for enterprises to survive in the future, otherwise they will be eliminated." High strength glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin

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