Brazil's ethanol production in 2009 will break the

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Brazil's ethanol output in 2009 will exceed the production record.

conab released the results of the second round of crop survey in Brazil on September 9, 2009, and believed that the Brazilian sugar and ethanol sector will exceed the sugarcane production record in 2009. The survey results show that the total sugarcane harvest is expected to reach 6290.2 million tons, 10% higher than that in 2008. This increase is due to the more uniform distribution of rainfall and the expansion of planting area, which has reached 7.74 million hectares

the current sugarcane production index (about 81 tons/HA) will continue to be maintained. More output will be used to produce sugar. Sugar production accounts for about 45% of the total crop production, which will be more than 2% higher than that in 2008. Please remove the oil collector and add a gasket between the oil collector and the pump body

the remaining crops (55%), i.e. 3.485 more and more automobile parts began to replace 600million tons of metal parts with engineering plastics for the production of ethanol 13. The pressure plate size (mm) 204 × 204. Ethanol production will be 9.13 billion liters of anhydrous fuel and 18.68 billion liters of aqueous ethanol, both of which will be used for sales as fuel. Compared with the previous year, these quantities decreased by 9.30% and increased by 12.41% respectively. Overall, 27.8 billion gallons of ethanol will be produced, an increase of 4.22% over the previous year's 26.68 billion gallons

according to the analysis of conab, most factories in Brazil can produce ethanol and sugar. This industry also has flexibility and can adopt the scheme of producing one product or another

the survey involved 389 factories in various Brazilian states

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