Brazil's exports of alumina and bauxite to the Mid

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Brazil's exports of alumina and bauxite to the middle east surged

on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's lunar landing, NASA and Goodyear announced the success of a basic research - spring tires. On the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11's landing on the moon, NASA and Goodyear announced a successful basic research on a subsidized motor indirect transmission device, spring tire, in order to better adapt to the complex environment on the surface of extraterrestrial planets. According to relevant personnel, in order to take into account the high load and long life requirements of the future extraterrestrial transport vehicles, it is necessary to make basic innovation on the existing tire design. After repeated tests and demonstrations, it is found that this seemingly strange spring tire stands out among many designs

the new type of extraterrestrial tire fatigue testing machine named spring tire is characterized by high load, high frequency and low consumption. The innovation is that it is internally composed of 800 groups of springs. This design idea allows NASA to assemble more heavy equipment on the transport vehicle. In addition, the tire can better withstand the complex environment of high temperature difference on the surface of the moon, Mars or other planets. All in all, NASA confidently claims that this tire will be more durable and stronger than all the tires used in the Apollo era. I don't know how many meters can spring tire be thrown vertically


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