Overview of Fujian Motor manufacturing industry

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The motor manufacturing industry in Fujian started in the 1950s. The motor enterprises are mainly distributed in Ningde, Fuzhou, Nanjia and other places where the hydraulic oil pump is an important component for transporting hydraulic oil pressure. In particular, Ningde has formed an industrial cluster of small and medium-sized motors and electrical appliances. It is one of the 32 key industrial clusters in Fujian Province, with more than 800 motor and supporting enterprises and more than 50000 employees, There are 7 enterprise groups and 50 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan. The products cover more than 10 categories, 200 series and 2000 varieties, such as motors, water pumps, generators, gasoline and diesel generator sets, and are exported to more than 140 countries and regions. It has basically established a production and operation network integrating specialization, collaboration and socialization, and is the first ten billion yuan industrial cluster in Ningde City. In 2010, if the output value of Ningde motor exceeded 20billion yuan, the total output value of motor industry above Designated Size accounted for about one-third of the same industry in the province. The problem of "white pollution" has had a serious impact on the ecological environment. More than 70% of motor products are sold to more than 40 countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, etc., and the export volume accounts for about one-third of similar domestic products

overall status

1) forming a number of advantageous and characteristic products and bone T enterprises

Fujian Motor manufacturing industry has certain advantages or characteristics in umbrella countries. After the adjustment of the organizational structure, large enterprises and enterprise groups that play a leading role in the development of the industry are gradually forming, and the trend of the concentration of enterprises with economic benefits is obvious

2) initial product of industrial agglomeration effect

through the open introduction and implementation of the development strategy of large companies and groups, Fujian Motor manufacturing industry has become more and more aware of the characteristics of regional agglomeration and cluster development

3) the quality of products and the technical equipment of the industry have been greatly improved. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, Fujian Motor manufacturing industry has made great efforts to adopt advanced manufacturing technology and equipment through technology introduction and technological transformation and in combination with market needs, which has promoted the improvement of enterprise level and product grade. Key enterprises have owned a number of advanced equipment such as machining centers, CNC machine tools and high-precision special equipment, and have created a number of famous, special, excellent and new products

existing problems

1) some industries with low product quality and overcapacity have stopped production or some of them because of the sharp drop in market demand, the increase in inventory and the shortage of working capital. The economic benefits of the enterprises have declined, and some even suffered losses. For example, the traditional motor manufacturing of Fu'an requires enterprises to improve the grade and competitiveness by improving the technical content of traditional products, and ensure the sustainable development of enterprises through high value-added products

2) some industries have suffered a great impact in the economic crisis due to their low technical level, imperfect industrial chain and inadequate coordination and supporting facilities, resulting in high product costs and insufficient competitiveness

3) in the face of the coming low-carbon economy, enterprises are not well prepared, and the investment in energy-saving and material saving technologies is not enough. Most enterprises are still in the state of extensive development. The comprehensive environmental cost of the product developed is high, which is reflected in the excessive consumption of resources for manufacturing tares, the rotation of the focusing hand wheel, the poor energy-saving effect of using tares, and the high cost of scrap recovery


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