Brazil's exports of petrochemical products decline

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The Brazilian Industrial Association (ABIQUIM) said on Monday that the export volume of Brazilian chemical products, including petrochemical products, fell from US $4billion in 2000 to US $3.53 billion in 2001 when the trial run was in good condition. ABIQUIM did not separate chemicals and petrochemical products in its statistics, so its statistical import of chemical products (including petrochemical imports) rose from US $10.6 billion in 2000 to about US $11.1 billion in 2001. According to ABIQUIM's statistics, Brazil's chemical products (including petrochemical products) are mainly exported to Argentina, which is the largest export market of Brazil after the United States. Its export volume decreased from USD 995million in 2000 to about USD 886million in 2001. This technology won the 2017 Jung technological innovation award. However, the import of chemical products from Argentina increased from US $794million in 2000 to about US $881million in 2001

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