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Brazil's clean energy investment ranks sixth in the world according to local media reports, the US non-governmental organization Pew Charitable Trust released a report entitled "who wins the race for clean energy" on the 29th. According to the report, Brazil's clean energy investment ranks sixth in the world

the report points out that after the world financial crisis in 2009, countries all over the world have increased their investment in green energy. World clean energy investment increased by 30% in 2010, reaching a record $243billion. Brazil's clean energy investment in 2010 reached US $7.6 billion, of which 40% was invested in biofuels, 31% in wind power generation and 28% in other clean energy

according to Roberto Schiffer, a professor of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the investment statistics of clean energy in Brazil are not completely consistent, and it is unclear whether the government will include hydropower in clean energy. About 90% of Brazil's energy comes from hydropower, and Brazil's annual investment in hydropower is 5billion US dollars

as for other clean energy, Schiffer said that the annual output of ethanol in Brazil is about 36billion liters. At present, many ethanol plants are under construction. Therefore, the investment in ethanol production will increase. In Brazil, the biomass power generation capacity was 8000 MW and the small hydropower generation capacity was 5000 MW before the enterprise was opened

Schiffer pointed out that wind power generation in Brazil is still in its infancy, but is accelerating its development. At present, Brazil already has a wind power generation capacity of 1000 megawatts, and another 3000 megawatts of wind power. Researchers at Munich University of technology have developed a power that can be used continuously with fuel, and it is under construction. In addition, Brazil is also participating in the construction of the National Innovation Center for new materials to increase the use of biodiesel


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