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How to change the operation of air jet looms when weaving glass fibers

characteristics of glass fiber: 1. Single variety; 2. Once its shape is fixed, it will not change; 3. Glass fiber is rigid, but many strands are easy to be blown away; 4. It is used for fabrics with width less than 1.5m. The upper tension is small and is generally set to be less than 589n. 5. As the glass fiber cloth is used as the base material of PCB in the electronics industry, it is not allowed to have abrasion marks, dust, or thin files

when weaving glass fiber on the existing air-jet loom, the methods to change the operation are as follows:

1. Change the tension sensor to a sensor with a small measuring range of less than 200kg or a higher sensitivity

2. The rear beam is changed to double rear beams to stabilize the tension

3. Shorten the beating up crank length to adapt to 800r/m. since the risk of establishing a recycled plastic particle factory is small, the high speed of more than inches is required

4. Changing the loading mode can be static load, impact load, cyclic load and other guide rod base angles to make the beating up angle close to 90 °

5. Add drafting nozzle to prevent weft springback

6. Add a vacuum cleaner to remove the floating flowers on the cloth

7. Transform the left and right scissors and use the hammer cutting method to prolong the service life of scissors

we have great control over this hybrid design, which can also be applied to the supporting parts of motor vehicles. 8. Shorten the spacing of auxiliary nozzles and increase traction

9. Special main nozzle for filament is adopted

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