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Now, the downturn in the development of all home building materials occupations is obvious to all of us. In the face of many adverse factors, the door and window franchise companies appear anxious. At a time when the storm of professional reshuffle is becoming more and more intense, how should door and window franchise companies respond well to the challenges from shopping malls

companies blindly "look for objects" and "survival rate" is low

in the past two years, with the dismal market, it is difficult to ensure the "survival rate" of opening stores. If a batch of stores is opened and a batch of stores is killed, it is not a merit for the factory. The factory is facing the transformation. From the original single investment promotion to the service provider, the brand head of a door and window franchise company said that in the past, the inspection of investment promotion personnel only looked at opening stores. Now, it is not only necessary to check and open stores, but also to strengthen the service to dealers, not only "open stores" but also "maintain stores"

this practice has learning implications for careers. At furniture exhibitions, many door and window franchise companies love "hunger promotion" and even "kidnapping promotion". At the exhibition, guests were brought to the factory to watch the goods, "delicious and delicious", and an excellent dealer sharing conference with the function of "brainwashing" was held. Gifts and Raffles were given to dealers to sign orders and then open stores, which has long been a secret exposed by the industry. However, such tricks inevitably appear to be too "fame and wealth". If a factory wants to open a shop in a new mall, it needs to find a suitable dealer. Some people jokingly call it "looking for an object". During this period, whether the dealer can understand the goods and the brand concept of the factory is particularly important. Especially in the past two years, business has become more and more difficult to do, opening a new store has become more and more difficult to survive, and the factory should be more stable. Relying on investment promotion to pursue growth, it is bound to need transformation

when business is good, inventory "sustains"

someone said: "many companies are not starved to death without business, but when business is good, they work hard to make inventory, and finally sustains to death." High inventory has now become a major "symptom" of the profession, and even because the inventory of high occupation is difficult to digest, now there are a number of companies specializing in buying factory inventory. These "loopholes" companies usually buy inventory at a discount of 20% or 30% from the factory to make a profit

now many customized companies can usually clear their inventory in four days, while most furniture factories can only replace it two or three times a year. Especially this year, shopping malls are difficult to do, and it is a good idea to clear their inventory once a year. Now, in addition to shortening the production cycle, we need to change the original form of inventory, store more semi-finished product inventory, and reduce the pressure on factory inventory. The question of inventory has augured since the beginning of the previous year. Most factories have to sell inventory goods at low prices to alleviate the serious question of the capital chain. From the previous year to now, a number of factories closed due to the rupture of the capital chain have been gradually toppled. It can be seen that dealing with inventory questions is "imperative"

in the current door and window shopping malls, all kinds of questions are constantly forcing companies to make new adjustments. In this process, some companies just focus on the importance of transformation rather than dealing with practical questions, which is very undesirable for companies. Only by recognizing their own questions and formulating solutions, can companies win in the messy competition

conclusion: the development of a company is not only affected by external factors, in fact, internal factors play the most crucial role in the development process of the company. Now, facing the challenges of many shopping malls, the franchise companies of doors and windows should find and deal with more questions from themselves, rather than blindly complaining about themselves





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