Seven mistakes in decoration

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Anyone who has experienced it personally will say that decoration is really tiring! Decoration can be called a huge and complex system engineering. It is said to "decorate clearly", but it is not easy to do it

here are some real cases. I hope you can take precautions in the decoration

case 1: the storage space is only in front of you

Mr. Zhang first bought a house of more than 80 square meters. Before his marriage, he made a 2.6-meter-high wall wardrobe in both bedrooms, which he thought was very useful. However, after marriage, there are eight quilts and quilts sent by parents and married by wife, plus a lot of other bedding. After having children, there are many old and new clothes over the years, clothes left by my son who grows too fast, shoes and toys. In the end, the house is still in a mess, and clothes are hung on the sofa and the back of the chair. In summer, when you change mats and pillows, you have to squeeze the cabinet desperately

experts suggest:

remember to leave enough space in the design to consider the storage function, and consider designing the overall storage room such as the cloakroom in the limited space

case 2: concealed works not accepted

Miss Ma was sitting in a brand-new study. She originally felt very comfortable, but as soon as she turned on the computer, the switch tripped. Miss Ma had to temporarily take a wiring board out of another room, but after using it for a few days, she felt it was detrimental to the overall beauty of the study. Later, relevant personnel were asked to test it and found that the live wire and zero wire in the wall switch behind the desk were connected incorrectly, and there would be a short circuit when using electrical appliances. Miss Ma took a lot of effort to remove the bookcase full of books, and asked the electrician to solve it properly

expert advice:

in addition to the owner trying out all the electrical switching facilities by himself, you can also ask professionals to carry out inspection, especially remember to ask the home decoration company for the actual direction diagram of wires and water pipes, so as to facilitate future repair and maintenance

case 3: frequent replacement of workers in the same type of work

Mr. Lin's construction took a long time, and some of the construction needed to be continuous did not ensure that the same master did it from beginning to end. For example, the painter changed three batches before and after, and different masters had different skills and attitudes. The walls of Mr. Lin's house were painted rough, and the blue wall paint was also different in depth. Finally, he invested in a new barrel of paint, and the effect was better, But this is also an obvious failure

experts suggest:

in order to maintain the effect of home decoration with an obvious sense of integrity, the owner should urge the decoration company to carry out continuous operation in the decoration process, not only a certain process should be carried out by a specially assigned person, but also pay attention to continuity in the construction time, so as to avoid adverse decoration consequences

case 4: floor drain drainage is not the lowest

Mr. Wang said that the floor drain drainage of his home's main bathroom is not the lowest place, because he didn't expect to lay tiles at the beginning of the decoration, so he and the foreman forgot this most basic and important requirement during the construction. After the completion, he found that the sanitary ware had been installed, so he didn't bother to change it, and from then on, he endured the "water overflowing the Golden Mountain" after taking a bath every day

experts suggest:

when checking and accepting the bathroom, don't forget to detect the drainage, which will not only affect the mood of bathing in the future, but also cause water leakage in the bathroom to corrode the furniture in other rooms and breed many unknown bugs. In short, drainage is the first consideration of bathroom decoration

case 5: intelligent wiring is greedy for saving money

Mr. Liu is a white-collar working in a foreign enterprise. When considering the intelligent wiring of the whole house, he ignored the bathroom because he wanted to save money. When he lived in the bathroom, he found that it would be great if there were a phone in the bathroom. Through his recent contact with the field of smart furniture, he learned that surfing the Internet in the bathroom, installing a washing machine on the Internet, installing a phone, and even watching TV and listening to music may become a trend in the future. He later regretted why he didn't connect the Internet cable to the bathroom

expert advice:

with the continuous upgrading of people's living needs, intelligent life will increasingly enter many families. Some intelligent functions may not be available in a certain family space for a while, but taking them into full consideration will bring great convenience to possible use in the future

case 6: different materials of wood products

before decoration, Miss Chen, the owner, considered that in order to maintain the overall sense of the furniture environment, she should try to choose wood products with similar colors for decoration, so she chose Fraxinus mandshurica brush color (shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, desk, wine cabinet countertop), teak (a small number of door panels in the bookcase), oak (dining table chairs and tea tables) and walnut (bedroom furniture). But after check-in, I found that even if the color is similar, the texture and appearance are not exactly the same after all. If you investigate carefully, you will feel messy, not unified and high-grade

experts suggest:

the wood products of home decoration should try to consider a single color and variety, which can not only produce a sense of unity in the effect, but also help to improve the grade

case 7: the decoration is not completed and the payment is cleared

Mr. Chen bought a villa, so he is in an urgent mood to move. In order to urge the decoration company to complete as soon as possible, Mr. Chen paid all the money to the decoration company when the project reached 80%. When the decoration was finished, Mr. Chen found that many places were unsatisfactory. When he came to the company for theory, the company shirked it for various reasons




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