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although the door and window sealant strip is inconspicuous, it is an indispensable accessory in doors and windows. Bailima doors and windows systematically introduces the knowledge of adhesive strips for you

?? Door and window sealant strip is an elastic strip or rod-shaped material used on the building door and window components, and on the joint parts of glass and batten, glass and frame leaf, frame leaf, fan leaf, etc. It can prevent the leakage or intrusion of internal and external media (rain, air, sand and dust, etc.), and can prevent or reduce the damage caused by mechanical vibration and impact, so as to achieve the functions of sealing, sound insulation, heat insulation and shock absorption

?? What role does the adhesive tape play in doors and windows

?? The sealing strip plays an important role in water tightness, air tightness and energy saving in doors and windows. According to the function and application requirements of the sealing strip, it must have sufficient tensile strength, good elasticity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance, and the sectional structure size should match the door and window profile

?? The application scope of different door and window sealant strips is different. Although the door and window structure is more and more rigorous, and the manufacturing and installation accuracy is higher and higher, the sealant strips are still installed on the doors and windows. A variety of sealing strip series products are suitable for different window types

?? What kind of effect is the adhesive strip good

?? As people pay more and more attention to environmental protection, EPDM sealing strips and silicone sealing strips occupy a large sealing material market, while EPDM door and window sealing strips still have certain weaknesses, so coated sealing strips have become more and more choices

?? I-eco coated door and window sealing strip is made of PE outer film, high resilience PU foam as the main raw material, and contains PP framework. Therefore, the sealing strip has a compression form of less than 10%, which ensures that it can be applied to doors and windows. The sealing property of the coated sealing strip, PE outer film greatly increases the service life of the product, which not only has rich and colorful colors, but also has more choices, The PP framework in this material also has a very good fixing effect on the product, and can effectively prevent the product from shrinking after successful installation

?? This kind of sealing strip is not only beautiful and generous, but also has the characteristics of aging resistance, compression resistance, water invasion resistance and so on. At the same time, it also has a very good performance in energy conservation and environmental protection, sound insulation and noise reduction, UV resistance and so on. It can effectively solve the problem of reduced sealing caused by the long-term use of wooden doors, door deformation and subsidence

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