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If the floor is used properly, it can add luster to the whole room. If it is not used properly, it will affect the overall decoration effect of the whole room. So how should we choose the floor when we choose it? Which of the two famous floor brands, good luck and Fangyuan, is better? Next, let's have a look

which kind of good luck flooring or square and round flooring is better

good luck flooring: in the field of wood flooring manufacturing, good luck wood has strong product research and development capabilities: the company has established in-depth technical cooperation with the wood Research Institute of Nanjing Forestry University, an internationally renowned wood flooring research and development institution. The three series of more than 100 single flooring products developed have achieved good market recognition in the market and won the provincial scientific and Technological Innovation Award. In 2006, the integrated floor developed by the company obtained a national patent. This product takes fast-growing wood as the base material, which has a far-reaching significance in saving resources, protecting the environment and using new materials. Zhejiang good luck Wood Industry Co., Ltd., located in Nanxun, Zhejiang Province, is the first large-scale enterprise in Zhejiang Province dedicated to professional research, development, production and sales of flooring. Good luck flooring can be divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring, which can meet the needs of all levels of society for mainstream flooring

Fangyuan floor: Fangyuan floor is a well-known trademark in China and the most valuable brand of China 500. Fangyuan is currently one of the largest enterprises in Asia that produce and operate solid wood, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring

with the survival concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, Fangyuan floor creates a home wooden floor that realizes a warm, romantic, comfortable, relaxed, exclusive and other lifestyle. One of the first batch of national inspection free products of solid wood flooring, three inspection free products of solid wood, solid wood composite and laminate flooring, one of the top ten brands of solid wood flooring in China, a well-known firm in Zhejiang Province, and the first “ Zhejiang famous brand ” One of the products is the selection of components and products for the wood flooring (plain board) of the Kangju demonstration project. It is one of the 30 units with double commitments for wood flooring in the country. It is one of the enterprises with the strongest ability to develop new products in the country. It is the first enterprise to pass the three international certifications of ISO9001, 14001 and 14025, and the first batch to obtain & ldquo; Wood floor production license ” It is one of the first enterprises to complete the international registration of trademarks. It has the world's top automatic floor production line, the national leading technology center inspection center, and one of the largest enterprises producing and operating wood flooring in Asia

as consumers, we should choose the floor according to our own needs, and we must not blindly pursue the brand, thus spending an unjust amount of money. Generally, we need to pay attention to buying a good floor that is more wear-resistant, not easy to fade, and is also more environmentally friendly

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