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On January 18, the first Dongfanghong factory experience activity of China First Tractor Group Co., Ltd. in 2018 was held, and 40 users from Nantong and Rugao regions of Jiangsu Province participated in the experience

with the word "unqualified" in red and the sound of alarm, the user successively visited the production line of Datuo assembly plant, the parking lot, and the Museum of 8068 tons of ploughing in the lithium battery cathode material business of Dongfang Hongnong company. He had a further understanding of the production process of China Yituo and Dongfang Hong tractor. During the experience, many users showed their intention to purchase the machine. After the experience, the marketing center and the cultural communication center held a signing ceremony for the users who participated in the factory experience

at the signing ceremony, the user listened to the performance and price introduction of several Dongfanghong tractors specially recommended. It is understood that the products recommended to users this time are selected according to the local landform and soil conditions, which are more suitable for the local working environment. Users carefully consider and ask about models with different horsepower sections and configurations according to their visit, experience and personalized needs. The personnel of the marketing center patiently answer every question raised by users

"I visited the assembly line of the tractor. I felt it was very good. The assembly line was clean and advanced. I also took a photo with the driverless tractor." User dingbanghu was the first to rush to sign the contract. He said that he wanted to buy a tractor today. After listening to the introduction, he was very interested in the mf604 tractor. In particular, there are still discounts today. He must make a decision quickly. With that, dingbanghu took out 10000 yuan in cash and booked a tractor. Subsequently, several users also came to the signing desk and lined up

during the conversation, I learned that many users are concerned about the configuration of tractors, and the amount of subsidies is also a very important consideration. In response to users' inquiries and concerns, the staff of the marketing center said that the prices of several tractors recommended by them are not only lower than those in previous years, but also can enjoy additional deductions if the on-site deposit is paid. At the same time, in order to make users fully feel the sincerity of Yituo, they put the time for collecting the car as of May 31, so that users can make follow-up plans after knowing the specific subsidies

"the purpose of participating in such activities is to provide users with an opportunity to have zero distance contact with the manufacturer. On the one hand, they can understand the tractor production process more carefully, and on the other hand, they can better communicate with the manufacturer." Said Wang Tao, general manager of Nantong Suyu Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. After seeing the user experience, he had a strong intention to purchase the machine, and was infected. He promised that all users who paid a deposit to purchase the machine on site would send another original air conditioner matching the purchased model to make the user more comfortable

according to statistics, at the signing ceremony on that day, a total of 8 machines were signed and purchased

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