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The 2018 China International Railway and urban rail transit Conference (CIRC) was grandly opened in Shanghai in November this year. The 2018 China International Railway and urban rail transit Conference (CIRC) was grandly opened in Shanghai in November this year. The transportation industry is a basic, service-oriented, leading and strategic industry in the national economy. Over the years, especially the 40 years of reform and opening up, China's transportation has achieved a historic development. For example, the total amount of plastic products in China is more than 77 million tons. For example, China's high-speed railway operating mileage, urban rail transit operating mileage, highway mileage and the number of 10000 ton berths in ports have all ranked first in the world. From the statistical data, China is already a real transportation country. However, in terms of quality, technology, service, efficiency and competitiveness, there is still a big gap compared with the world's transportation powers

therefore, in the new era when China is moving forward from a large transportation country to a powerful transportation country, especially at the important stage of urbanization, how to build a transportation system with the goal of comprehensive transportation integration, vigorously develop public transportation and shared transportation, improve the level of intelligent transportation, and innovate the operation and management mode in view of the huge regional differences in China's urbanization process through innovation drive, It needs continuous and serious practice, research and discussion

for example, in the new round of Shanghai urban master plan (year), it is specifically proposed that in the future, Shanghai will build a multi-mode public transport system composed of railways, urban rail, conventional public transport and auxiliary public transport, and form a three-level rail transit network including inter city lines (inter city Railways, regional railways, rail express lines), urban lines (Metro, light rail), and local lines (modern tram, rubber wheel system, etc.), The planned mileage of the three levels is more than 1000 km. It is estimated that by 2035, the proportion of public transport in all mode travel will reach about 40%, the proportion of green transport travel will reach about 85%, and the average commuting time in the central city will not exceed 40 minutes

it can be predicted that in the future, cities with different population and economic scale must explore and build an integrated urban transportation system through innovation driven according to their own resource endowments, transportation needs and development stages. Therefore, with the support of relevant national ministries and commissions, Tongji University The "2018 China International Railway and urban rail transit Conference (CRIC 2018)" jointly hosted by Shanghai Transportation Industry Association and Shanghai Council for the promotion of international trade is scheduled to be held in Shanghai from November 7 to 8 this year. The theme of this conference is "transportation innovation - the development and future of urban integrated transportation system". From the perspective of inter city railway, urban (suburban) railway, especially urban rail transit of some universities and research institutes Carry out in-depth discussion from the perspective of integration and development of different levels of transportation systems such as medium and small volume transportation

in addition to the Opening Forum, the conference will also set up nine new theme forums, including three directional forums for urban railway construction and development, rail transit development strategies in medium-sized cities, and urban transport development in medium and small volume cities; A separate theme forum will be set up to discuss the construction and operation of urban rail transit, and a special session will be held to discuss the specialized technical issues of rail transit, such as communication, power supply and distribution, vibration and noise reduction; In addition, for domestic trams that have experienced a roller coaster construction boom, with the theme of looking back, reflecting and starting again, top experts in the field of trams from China and Europe are invited to conduct a discussion from different perspectives

it is expected that the development of this conference and biomedical materials industry will strongly rely on the support of advanced technologies in relevant fields and economic strength. A total of more than 200 experts will give speeches at each theme forum, and more than 2000 professional listeners will attend the conference and participate in interactive discussions. Here, I sincerely invite you to attend this conference, share with colleagues in the industry, and spark wisdom

during the same period of the conference (November 7-9), we will hold the "13th Shanghai International Rail Transit Exhibition" in hall N1 and N2 of Shanghai New International Expo Center. At that time, more than 200 exhibitors from more than a dozen countries and regions will show the latest rail transit planning and design, construction, mechanical and electrical equipment, maintenance and other products and technical achievements through the combination of rare earth and nanotechnology. The conference and exhibition will be visited, Please consult, Miss Chen. Looking forward to your participation

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