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2017 world robotics conference: artificial intelligence creates new business forms

Abstract: it is reported that the competition pattern of the robot industry has undergone profound changes - from the competition of applications in known fields to the competition of applications in unknown fields. This transformation provides an opportunity for the great development of China's robot industry

the robot wears a tuxedo and plays the piano gracefully; The mechanical "jellyfish" dances lightly in the air; The bionic arm can grasp objects flexibly... The 2017 world robot conference, which ended in Beijing on August 27, left a deep impression on the audience and made people exclaim that the "intelligent society" is coming

as a disruptive technology leading the world in the future, artificial intelligence is creating new industries and formats and changing human life. It is reported that China produced 71600 industrial robots in the first seven months, a year-on-year increase of 57%. It is expected that the annual sales volume will exceed 110000 units for the first time this year, with a market scale of US $4.22 billion. The medical, educational and service robot industries are developing rapidly

it is reported that the competition pattern of the robot industry has undergone profound changes - from the competition of applications in known fields to the competition of applications in unknown fields. This transformation provides an opportunity for the great development of China's robot industry. By 2020, the domestic market scale of industrial robots is expected to expand to US $5.89 billion

industrial robot technology is becoming more and more mature

Harbin Institute of technology robot group (HRG) has brought more than 50 products under its control, and HRG special robot products such as fire robot, explosion removal robot, pipeline robot, omni-directional wheeled chassis robot and laser forklift AGV have all appeared. Its vast exhibition area has attracted many visitors. Zhulei, vice president and head of the marketing department of the company, told that focusing on the direction of special robots, HRG has established in-depth cooperation with many enterprises and institutions in domestic special industries and established good cooperative relations with some local governments

"we provide product technologies and solutions for special industries through the 'technology + capital' model. At present, we have set up a number of industrial and business bases in Tianjin, Xi'an and other places." Zhu Lei said that China has become the world's largest robot market, but the lack of application talents has become a major bottleneck in the explosive development of the domestic robot industry, and it is imperative to cultivate industry talents

in addition to HRG, well-known enterprises such as smart, Yaskawa Shougang and Guangzhou CNC also showed their latest achievements. Among them, Dacheng machine is particularly necessary to promote the plastic granulator that uses the local advantageous energy for heating in some power shortage areas and areas with high electricity costs. The company has launched a six joint robot with high working precision, which can operate 24 hours and is far more efficient than manual work. It is understood that wuzhigang, the general manager of the company, said that compared with the previous session, the products exhibited by exhibitors this year are closer to practical applications, and the technology is more mature and perfect

it is understood that the 2017 world robotics conference was jointly hosted by the Beijing municipal government, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the China Association for science and technology. It has been successfully held for two times before, and is the international conference with the highest specification and the richest international elements in the field of Robotics in China. This year's world robotics conference consists of three parts: Forum, Expo and competition. Among them, the competition has set up five competitions around UAVs and fighting robots, and the professional forum involves market trends, robot investment hotspots and other hot topics in the industry

service at the same time, there is a strong demand for kerosene or gasoline cleaning products for force measuring mechanism, navigation, collet and other oiling packaging products.

compared with industrial robots, service robots have attracted more attention from on-site audiences. It is reported that although the service robot market is still in its infancy, with the rapid development of advanced technologies such as IOT, big data and human-computer interaction and the increase of per capita disposable income, this kind of robot has huge development space and will be a hot spot in the future

at the exhibition site, a robot capable of cleaning the outer wall of high-rise glass attracted onlookers. We can see that the product is firmly adsorbed on the simulated glass curtain wall, and the places we pass are clean and bright. Majiantong, the operation director of the exhibitor Litu technology, told that the cleaning service robot can independently complete positioning, movement, cleaning, waste water recycling and other work according to the working environment, replacing manual work in high-risk environment

"the exterior wall cleaning robot has more advantages than manual cleaning. It has not only high efficiency, good safety, but also lower cleaning cost." Majiantong estimated that the domestic curtain wall cleaning market is about 7.5 billion yuan, and the cleaning service robot will become a growth point of the robot industry

robot feeding, artificialvitreousbody material machine 3, human playing and painting, robot teaching foreign languages... Almost every service robot excites the audience. Many humanoid robots are fluent in answering questions and can act as interpreters, nurses and other roles. Talking about the future development of service robots, many exhibitors have the same optimistic expectations as Ma Jiantong

according to the relevant report released by the organizing committee, with the acceleration of population aging and the surge in demand for medical care and education, the domestic service robot market has great potential and development space. It is estimated that this year, the scale of China's service robot market will reach 1.32 billion US dollars, an increase of about 28% year-on-year, higher than the average annual growth rate of the global service robot market. China has built some innovative advantages in the field of robotics, and is turning from a big robot application country to a big innovation country

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