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Inventory of the best innovative products in 2018: AI took over the automatic follow-up of UAVs. According to Tencent technology news on December 21, according to foreign media reports, in 2018, there are countless amazing or amazing technological products emerging. This year, many science and technology have developed rapidly, but they are also full of confusion. In the world of science and technology, sometimes the evolution of products is not as fast as you think, but the following products, as a beautiful scenery of the exhibition, are the best concepts and technical directions we see, and they are likely to point out the general trend in the future

oculus go: completely independent and mobile VR helmet

facebook has had a bad year, and it is even difficult to recommend any products of the company. However, oculus, a virtual reality (VR) start-up acquired by Facebook, has pointed out the direction for the development of VR. Oculus' first independent VR helmet is still very simple, but its function and price advantages have brought surprises

oculus go

the first independent VR helmet proposed by oculus, a VR start-up under Facebook, will reduce the virtual world to compact and mobile devices, which is the next goal of VR. Oculus quest and other devices launched early next year will lead this trend. Oculus is not the only company developing independent VR helmets. Mirage solo helmets produced by Lenovo and Google and HTC vive focus also represent the wind vane of future trends

skydio: autonomous flying UAV becomes more advanced

watching the demonstration video of skydio R1 UAV in action, you may mistakenly think that you are watching the professional aerial chasing camera. But the drone can fly autonomously, tracking people from behind, avoiding forests and bypassing curves. It can even be controlled by Apple watch

the UAV skydio r1

which can automatically follow the owner's company has become a reality. With the improvement of computer vision and navigation technology, this is just the beginning. UAVs and robots will usher in a brighter future in the development process of more than 310 years

apple watch ECG: wearable devices have been approved by FDA

FDA in the United States has approved the built-in ECG function of Apple watch series 4

not many smart watches and fitness devices meet the health technology standards approved by FDA, but this situation will change soon. Apple watch series 4 has made a breakthrough, prompting the FDA to approve its ECG function into the watch, making it an effective over-the-counter drug health care device. In 2019, will the functions of blood pressure monitoring and medical sleep research of smart watches come one after another

magic leap one:the future of AR helmet

in 2018, the augmented reality (AR) technology hyped by magic leap finally appeared in a real product. Compared with Microsoft hololens, it has made greater progress than any heavy new product. But so far, the company's focus on artists and creative experiences has led developers to come up with a series of more interesting ideas, from alien gardening to unforgettable real holographic assistants

magic leap's first AR helmet magic leap one

as AR technology may expand from glasses or helmets in the mass market in the future, as immersive entertainment and drama continue to explore the real world, the first step taken by magic leap may eventually become a milestone, especially when Microsoft is preparing to launch the next generation of hololens, and the rumored Apple ar headset is still under development

off screen fingerprint reader: it will be everywhere.

oneplus 6T and its off screen fingerprint reader.

Samsung's Galaxy S10 may be equipped with the ultrasonic fingerprint recognition technology produced by Qualcomm. This is just one of several off screen fingerprint readers appearing this year. A full screen without buttons or a fingerprint scanner installed on the back may become the norm and may change its appearance and operation in 2019, while Apple and other companies are seeking face unlocking biometric technology at the same time. Maybe they will also enter the field of dashboard and wearable devices

bose ar audio glasses: AR is not just visual.

when we mention AR, we first think of Pokemon and holograms. However, the sunglasses prototype of Bose, an old American speaker manufacturer, uses spatial audio technology, which is expected to appear as a real product in 2019, showing how audio is used as a tool to enhance reality

ar technology can also be used in the audio field

. Without earplugs, the audio quality and personal audio experience are excellent. Immersive audio is developing rapidly

folding is becoming a reality

the best way to put a large screen device in your pocket may be to fold it up. This is the future plan of many companies, which promise to introduce folding screens with flexible screens or hinged screens. Royole launched its first foldable device, and Samsung also released more details about its future devices at its annual developer conference in November

smart configuration of flexible screen

at the same time, Corning, the "gorilla glass" manufacturer, is developing flexible cover glass to take the lead in folding in the future. Now there is only one question left: do you want this

coincidentally, TVs with collapsible screens may also appear soon. LG showed off its huge roll up TV at last year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is an example of how screens of all sizes bend, roll or collapse

Google "night vision": the most magical photography technology this year

do you know how to take the best low light level photos? If you have tried the "night sight" mode, it will be very easy. This is a leading example of Google's computing photography skills

the "night vision" function on Google pixel

if you use it on pixel 3 or pixel 3 XL, the scene in front of you will become a clearer, more detailed and more dynamic picture than the picture you see on the. It is no exaggeration to say that "night vision" can almost let people see the scene in the dark without flash. The effect is amazing. More similar functions will be launched in 2019

Google duplex: instead of using computer programming technology, users can answer ai

Google duplex instead of users.

before the 2018 developer conference, no one knows how Google will demonstrate its duplex. AI replaces real people because it has a very low density to hit the restaurant to book a table? Is this a nightmare or a dream come true? This sounds impossible, but some users already have this feature on their pixel. The future of intelligent assistants is being integrated into the real world in a new way

apple a12x chip: the future of PC processors

apple a12x chip represents the future of PC processors

ipad may not completely replace everyone's computers, but it is only a software problem, not a hardware problem. Apple's latest A12 and a12x processors are 7-nanometer chips made by arm. In the benchmark test, the mainstream Intel processors are far behind. This indicates that there will be smaller and impressive computers in the near future

Google junk call filter: robots fighting AI

Google junk call filter can filter incoming calls

robot calls have caused great trouble to our lives, and are getting worse. Google's newly launched pixel uses a clever call screening function, which saves users the trouble of answering and transcribing content, and provides users with the option of answering, ignoring or even shielding numbers. From now on, we may no longer have to answer directly. (reviewed by Tencent technology/Jinlu)

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