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2017 Schneider Electric Medium and low voltage complete set ecological day and BLOKSET global 20th anniversary successfully held on November 29th, 2017 recently, Schneider Electric, the global leader in digital transformation in the field of energy efficiency management and automation, held 2017 Schneider Electric Medium and low voltage complete set ecological day and BLOKSET global 20th anniversary in Shenzhen with the theme of accumulating classic 20 years and winning the new digital era, Hundreds of authorized panel manufacturers and end users from medium and low voltage were invited to review the evolution history of BLOKSET series over the past 20 years, and a hydraulic universal testing machine also began to mature and develop. Schneider Electric's beautiful vision and outstanding value of the low-voltage intelligent complete equipment ecosystem built on the basis of BLOKSET intelligent low-voltage distribution cabinet and centered on users were demonstrated

2017 Schneider Electric Medium and low voltage complete set ecological day and BLOKSET's 20th anniversary were grandly held.

looking back on the glorious history and opening up a bright future again.

blokset series intelligent low-voltage distribution cabinets have been fully recognized by users in various fields including architecture, data center, rail transit, industry, energy source, infrastructure, etc. in the past 20 years. The BLOKSET series, which was born in 1997, inherited the excellent lineage of Schneider Electric. It landed in China in 2002 and successively launched products and more perfect intelligent solutions that meet the local needs of China. In 2016, BLOKSET Evo low-voltage complete equipment ecosystem was released, and the user-centered low-voltage complete equipment industry ecosystem was gradually improved. Up to now, the global sales volume of BLOKSET has exceeded 550000 units, and the domestic sales volume has exceeded 280000 units, realizing the industry legend of selling one unit every 11 minutes

blokset series intelligent low-voltage distribution cabinet development history

in this event, Schneider Electric also held a signing ceremony for new partners of PRISMA series low-voltage intelligent distribution cabinets, signed strategic partnership agreements with 10 partners, and comprehensively established a new complete set of cooperation mode. At the same time, inheriting the classic mvnex new generation of medium voltage authorized complete cabinet and the intelligent medium voltage complete solution based on it, which integrates the active operation and maintenance intelligent unit and the switchgear status monitoring function, also shine on the stage. The diversified cabinet configuration and the stronger performance of intelligent interconnection will provide more simple, rich and safe values for more industry customers and comprehensively support the future business development

the signing ceremony for new partners of PRISMA series low-voltage intelligent distribution cabinets was held on site

classic re upgrade of digital empowerment

now, the value displayed by the computer in the new era of digital drive is the average value of this experiment group. Enterprises pay more attention to the connectivity and efficient operation of relevant equipment and facilities. Therefore, the continuity and stability of power supply are important to the production of heat-resistant parts. Relying on the ecostruxure architecture and platform based on IOT, Schneider Electric is redefining the future distribution standard by making use of the innovation in the three levels of interconnected products, edge control, application, analysis and service. As one of the representatives of interconnection and interworking products, BLOKSET series intelligent low-voltage distribution cabinets meet the needs of different industries and stringent environmental requirements by virtue of three unique advantages, helping users to build a more safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and interconnected intelligent distribution system to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase:

safety and reliability: ensuring the safe operation of distribution system and power supply continuity, as well as the personal and property safety of workers. BLOKSET series conforms to the latest domestic and international standards, and has leading internal combustion arc resistance, super earthquake resistance, and up to IP54 protection/ik10 anti-collision characteristics, which can help the system operate stably and ensure the strong quality of products

intelligent operation and maintenance: add intelligent digital operation and maintenance scheme to help improve operation and maintenance efficiency. With the help of ipmcc intelligent power distribution and motor control center, intelligent load management can be realized; Relying on ecostruxure power intelligent distribution system, it brings a new energy efficiency management experience with the advantages of high intensity, high directivity, spatial coherence, narrow bandwidth and high monochromaticity; EMC has strict experimental certification to resist high-level electromagnetic interference

efficient deployment: it can meet flexible configuration at the same time, improve installation density, optimize equipment cost and assembly efficiency, and facilitate installation and later maintenance. BLOKSET series has ultra-high density and flexible combined installation schemes and a variety of incoming and outgoing ways, which help to optimize the site space, cope with the complex wiring environment, and perfectly meet the site space requirements

the ecosystem effect is beginning to appear and is heading for a sustainable future.

since the release of the BLOKSET Evo low voltage complete equipment ecosystem in 2016, Schneider Electric has been more committed to building a user-centered low voltage complete equipment ecosystem, which has been widely recognized by the industry and customers. At the same time, Schneider Electric will continue to innovate and explore the future. In this regard, Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China business division of cooperative business, said: Thank you very much for your high trust and strong support. Over the past 20 years, we have always adhered to improving to meet customer needs, and created a safe, reliable, intelligent and efficient benchmark product in the power distribution industry represented by BLOKSET series. In the next 20 years and beyond, Schneider Electric will not forget its original intention, inherit the classics, further release the outstanding value of the brand, help build a user-centered low-voltage distribution ecosystem, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry

Li Rui, senior vice president of Schneider Electric and head of China business division of cooperative business, delivered a speech at the event

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