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The 2018 China Unicom Network Technology Conference will be held soon. On December 14, China Unicom will hold the 2018 China Unicom Network Technology Conference Terminal forum in Guangzhou to explore the coordinated development of 5g terminal network with leading enterprises upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, exchange 5g terminal standard research and technological innovation, so as to meet the application needs of users in different scenarios of 5g. The meeting reflected from the side that with the release of 5g spectrum, China Unicom has obtained 100MHz bandwidth frequency resources in the 3500mhz-3600mh instrument industry with a large variety and small batches. 5g commercial steps are approaching. China Unicom has made comprehensive preparations and layout in 5g

5g deployment of mixed ownership reform

benefiting from the substantial improvement of business performance and the successful completion of mixed ownership reform, China Unicom has significantly enhanced its financial strength, and has reserved sufficient funds for 5g construction investment. 5g deployment is ready to go. China Unicom will seize the opportunity, focus on building a five new UniCom with new genes, new governance, new operations, new kinetic energy and new ecology, further tap and aggregate the advantageous resources of strategic investors, give full play to its basic business capabilities, focus on key areas such as channel contact, cloud computing, big data, IOT, retail system, video content, home Internet and basic communication, and work with strategic partners to forge strong alliances, In depth cooperation to create a new driving force for the innovative development of G business at the time of 5 adjustment

In the early stage, China Unicom has carried out 5g pilot network test and innovative business demonstration in 17 cities in China, covering key cities in important economic regions in China, such as Beijing Tianjin Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and central urban agglomeration. The demonstration business includes many 5g innovative business fields such as smart materials, smart Winter Olympics, smart medical care, smart security, 5g car service, smart manufacturing, smart education, smart footprint, big video, etc., which have laid a solid foundation for full interview business

China Unicom promoted the 5g industry press conference and released the results in the way of Unicom + customers + local governments + manufacturers. On September 26, Guangzhou Unicom and the government jointly held an industry conference on the future of 5g leading industries, which demonstrated seven major industry applications for the first time, and jointly created and released the first joint application innovation laboratory based on 5g end-to-end application testing in China with strategic partners. On November 12, Shenzhen Unicom, together with the government, held an industry conference on the future of 5g leading industry and released nearly 20 5g innovative application scenarios. On November 28, Shanghai Unicom, together with the government, held a 5g summit with the theme of "5 imaginations, G to the future", released and displayed the application scenarios of six 5g industries, and signed strategic cooperation agreements with COMAC, Shanghai natural gas pipeline, Huashan Hospital and other enterprises on site

at present, China Unicom has taken the lead in the industry in 5g network application exploration. In September, in Fuzhou Changle Binhai New City, Unicom opened the first 5g commercial system outfield scale group base station. On September 19, China Unicom and Alibaba cloud completed the first professional 5g+8k application in China at the 2018 Hangzhou yunqi conference. In November, taking the opportunity of Nanjing 5g pilot scale group test optimization, Jiangsu Unicom took the lead in synchronously completing the wireless fixed broadband wttx (wireless to the x) service performance test verification based on 5g network. The single user peak rate reached 1.8gbps, which can meet the needs of 60 users for 4K HD video on demand at the same time and nearly 40 users for 50Mbps per user at the same time

5g innovative applications are in full bloom

at present, China Unicom is comprehensively exploring 5g innovative services, making full use of the new capabilities brought by 5g network, such as ultra bandwidth, low delay and Dalian connection, and combing out the top ten innovative application fields of 5g in combination with new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT and artificial intelligence

among them, Unicom took the lead in intelligent transportation, education, vr/ar, UAV, etc., and won one first prize, one second prize and two third prizes in the 5g blooming Cup held by the Ministry of industry and information technology, and two third prizes in the national mobile Internet innovation competition

in terms of car service, China Unicom has established a car service development ecology with more than 50 partners at home and abroad, and has won many awards. The 5g based ultra long-range unmanned driving and automatic driving displayed at Shanghai MWC and Beijing Communication Exhibition have received high attention

in the medical industry, China Unicom signed a cooperation agreement with BGI, a leading enterprise in the industry, to jointly develop the first 5g mobile telemedicine application product in China; In terms of low altitude UAV, targeted solutions have been formed and pilot projects have been implemented in the industrial application fields such as security monitoring, emergency communication, video/vr aerial photography, etc; China Unicom 5g industrial interconnection industry alliance has been established with more than 40 units, including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Haier digital, Gree, BAIC Foton, Intel, and Shugen Internet, to promote the docking of supply and demand, knowledge sharing, and complementary advantages; Join hands with Deloitte to release the industry's first white paper on 5g reshaping industry applications from a commercial perspective

committed to building a smart Winter Olympics

as an official partner of the Beijing Winter Olympics, China Unicom is also committed to building a smart Winter Olympics and realizing the transformation of 5g scientific and technological achievements. Relying on the Beijing Winter Olympics, China Unicom created the first 5g smart Park in Shougang, and applied 5g to various venues, industrial manufacturing, life experience and other scenes in the park. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games under 5g will realize the intelligent perception and control of people flow, intelligent tracking and monitoring of logistics, VR 360 panoramic viewing, portable wearing high-speed shooting, UAV face recognition, wireless high-speed video probe and other applications

practically strengthen 5g terminal reserve

at present, China Unicom has taken solid steps in the direction of building all-in-one terminals: in June, China Unicom issued the white paper on multi-mode and multi frequency terminals to guide the product development direction of the terminal industry; Communicate with a number of chip and terminal manufacturers about the relevant plans and progress of 5g technology test, and 5g field test has begun; Pre purchase 5g test terminals and pre commercial terminals to ensure the scale of 5g commercial terminals of China Unicom

focus on improving independent innovation capability

in August, China Unicom 5g innovation center was officially established. Under the guidance of China Unicom 5g promotion leading group office and working group, 5g development will be arranged in advance to promote the application of 5g in vertical industries. At the same time, cooperation with leading enterprises in key industries will be strengthened to realize the promotion of industrial application scale

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