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2018 artificial intelligence and travel industry summit was held in Tianjin

Tianjin, August 1 (Zhang Daozheng) "innovative China · smart travel Tianjin - 2018 artificial intelligence and travel industry summit" was held in Tianjin on July 31. The summit aims to provide a new direction for intelligent travel and life in Tianjin, and promote the deep integration of Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and real industries to form an important benchmark for new momentum

more than 150 people, including leaders from Tianjin Municipal Information Technology Office, Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, Tianjin Transportation Commission, Tianjin Development and Reform Commission, Tianjin SASAC, as well as relevant enterprises and academic representatives in the fields of artificial intelligence technology, big data industry, mobile Internet and shared travel, attended the summit. The conference was hosted by the science and technology society, and organized by the science and technology society Tianjin station and Tianjin aikonik New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd

as the host city of the world intelligence conference, Tianjin focuses on the construction of "one base and three zones", closely follows the world's leading edge, focuses on forming "first mover advantages" in intelligent manufacturing, intelligent technology and other fields, creates "Tianjin smart port", vigorously develops new technologies and industries such as Internet, IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, speeds up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and ranks first in the fields of supercomputing, autonomous control and new energy, Provide an innovation engine for high-quality development

Gong Ke, executive director of China new generation artificial intelligence development strategy research institute, President designate of the World Federation of engineering organizations and former president of Nankai University, attended the conference and delivered a speech. Photographed by zhangdaozheng, Wang Yun, deputy director of Publicity Department of Tianjin municipal Party committee and director of Information Office of Tianjin municipal Party committee, attended the event and delivered a speech, She said: "It has increasingly become the most distinctive feature of Tianjin's development that science and technology should timely repair and innovate the spring testing machine in case of failure. Tianjin's development is in an important period from quantitative accumulation to qualitative leap, and from breakthrough to improvement of system capacity. The innovation of app · Tianjin in China will strengthen Tianjin's efforts to deepen the reform of the science and technology system, lead and support the development of industries, foster and develop high-tech industries, and create a new highland of intelligent science and technology The publicity and coverage of important measures such as construction and cultivation of scientific and technological innovation talents will spread a good voice and gather positive energy for innovation driven development. "

the summit was organized by science and technology, Tianjin Municipal Transportation Commission, Tianjin Municipal Commission of industry and information technology, the Department of intelligence and computing of Tianjin University, Tianjin intelligent United Automobile Industry Research Institute The formal establishment of Tianjin intelligent travel industry alliance jointly signed by Tianjin aikonik New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. further marks that Tianjin COMAC has entered a new stage in the future travel of the smart city in close cooperation with its partner, the Russian United aviation manufacturing group

Tianjin intelligent travel industry alliance was officially established. Zhong Xin photographed the scene of the summit. Professor qijuntong of Yifei intelligent control, Professor wanglongbiao of Huiyan technology, and Li Qiao of intelligent United Automobile Industry Research Institute came together to see what the functional characteristics of the low temperature impact tester are. Dr. Chen Zhouyun of tianmapu, Dr. Wei suoku of Sunway technology, and others also talked about air intelligent travel technology, voice interaction technology, intelligent vehicles and future travel, geographic information big data Make relevant keynote speeches in the fields related to the coordinated development of upstream and downstream of intelligent travel industry, such as vehicle exhaust remote sensing detection. (end)

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