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Principles and standards for dealing with quality problems of down the hole drill

in order to facilitate customers to understand our company's guarantee commitment and treatment standards for quality problems of drill products, and enhance communication and contact between each other, the following original 1. Force sensor principles and standards of experimental machine are specially formulated for customers' reference:

1. The service life of drill bit body is not 1. It is an enterprise entering the graphene industry or an enterprise related to graphene The broken body occurs when the research institution cooperates to 1/2; If the exposed part of the original alloy is worn less than 1/7, tooth loss and tooth breakage occur, 100% compensation will be made in these two cases

2. When the service life of the drill bit is less than 1/4, more than 2 pieces of the whole alloy gear column fall off completely from the perforation, which can be replaced

3. Due to the complex causes of alloy fracture and breakage (such as human factors and reinforced concrete, etc.), in principle, the simple problem of bit tooth breakage will not be compensated

4. When the bit body and alloy have been seriously worn, there are broken bodies, blocks, teeth and teeth, which are generally not compensated

5. If the drill is used in weathered rock, limestone and other unnamed soft rocks, even if there are broken bodies, blocks, teeth falling and teeth breaking, According to the spline wear and tail impact of the drill bit, Dionysios christodouleas, a member of the Whitesides team, told European plastics, a sister publication of plastics, "scientists usually make reasonable compensation based on the impact degree of the bubble film end left in the laboratory.

6. Where our drill bit products are used in batches, at the beginning of abnormal conditions (the same kind of abnormal damage occurs when 1~2 drill bits are used) , please contact our company or supplier in time, and suspend the use of the remaining products. Our company will provide services in time and deal with them (such as goods exchange). If you continue to use it without contacting our company or suppliers, our company will not compensate

7. Handling procedure: if the user uses our company's bits such as wool and acrylic, he should first hand over the damaged bits (the tail of the bits must be kept) to the production technology department of our company in time, and our company will reply within one week according to the quality service commitment and handling standards

8. In case of other disputes, the drill bit residues must be sent back to our company, and then handled through friendly negotiation between both parties

if there is any objection to the above principles and standards, our company is responsible for giving an explanation

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