Principles and measures for the transformation of

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Principles and measures of industrial boiler transformation

principles of industrial boiler transformation

(I) the transformed boiler should be suitable for local fuel, with the main purpose of improving thermal efficiency

(II) old utility boilers that have no transformation value, backward structure, low efficiency and serious environmental pollution, such as Lancashire, Cornish and old cast iron boilers, should be resolutely eliminated

(III) boiler transformation should comply with relevant regulations of safety supervision regulations. Household appliances have become increasingly complex motor systems. From the perspective of fixed investment expenditure and the acceleration of plastic product production, according to the actual situation of the unit, do not blindly copy other people's experience

main measures for technical transformation of industrial boilers

(I) build furnace arches with appropriate shapes to improve the temperature in the preheating section and reasonably organize the air flow in the furnace

(II) improve combustion equipment

(III) improve the combustion mode

As mentioned in the proposal

(IV) variable frequency speed regulation technology is adopted for blower and induced draft fan

(V) install economizer

(VI) install boiler tube bundles

(VII) change the radiant heating surface of the furnace

(VIII) improve the scouring of air flow on the heating surface

(IX) reduce the air leakage of door holes and wall joints

(x) strengthen the heat preservation of furnace body

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