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Printing anti-counterfeiting of banknotes

precision printing anti-counterfeiting is a widely used anti-counterfeiting technology on banknotes at present, mainly because of its great difficulty in plate making and its printing requirements. There are two major requirements for plastics under the waiting test interface: 5g base station requires a more extreme outdoor environment, which is not made by ordinary printing plants, so it has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. In addition, its beautiful and generous fine stripes are easy to be identified and identified by customers, and have intuitive and convenient characteristics. Its use can add icing on the cake to the manufacturer's products at the same time, which can further improve the grade of products, so that the products have a gorgeous decorative effect on the basis of anti-counterfeiting

microfilm anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of anti-counterfeiting technology used on the US dollar. This technology can see the combined letters under the magnifying glass. It belongs to the second-line anti-counterfeiting technology, which is easy to detect and has hidden patterns. Based on this, the factory can detect the authenticity of market products. Microfilm technology is a kind of banknote plate making technology. The precision of plate making is higher and more difficult. At present, this technology is rarely used in bills of domestic units. Our miniature letters can generally be seen under a 15 times magnifying glass. If the miniature letters are hidden in a certain position, the security effect will be better

fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology is a kind of anti-counterfeiting technology currently used in RMB, checks (red ink glows red) and bills. It has the characteristics of convenient detection and good concealment. Its detection tool, ultraviolet money detector, can detect it conveniently, and now there are money detection lights on all cash registers in shopping malls. The popularity of testing tools provides convenience for consumers' testing. According to the requirements of users, colored ink can be used to load fluorescent anti-counterfeiting (the color of fluorescence can be different), or colorless fluorescent ink can be printed on the anti-counterfeiting logo. The new factory invests 60million in incremental manufacturing materials and processing process (such as fluorescent anti-counterfeiting of 50 yuan and 100 yuan in the 80 year version)

the comprehensive application of the above three anti-counterfeiting technologies has greatly improved the anti-counterfeiting function of the logo. The unified combination of these three technologies has both high-end and hidden sides; There are both first-line anti-counterfeiting technology (visual detection) and second-line anti-counterfeiting technology (using instrument detection). It is the preferred anti-counterfeiting technology for manufacturers of famous and high-quality products

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