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The principle of "bulletproof" glass

5 is to adhere to the plan, coordinate and develop the comprehensive resource market and regional advantages

in many films, we often see "bulletproof" glass, which cannot be penetrated by bullets. Is there really bulletproof glass in the world? If so, how is it bulletproof? Let's get to know each other today. From the appearance, bulletproof glass is no different from ordinary glass. However, this is the only similarity between them. A piece of ordinary glass can be broken by only one bullet. The bulletproof glass can withstand one to several rounds of bullets according to the thickness of the glass and the different shooting weapons. So, what gives bulletproof glass the ability to resist bullets

bulletproof glass produced by different manufacturers varies. But basically, polycarbonate material layer is sandwiched in the ordinary glass layer. This process is called lamination. In this process, a substance similar to ordinary glass but thicker than ordinary glass is formed. Polycarbonate is a hard transparent plastic - people usually call it by its brand (Lexan, tuffak or cyrolon). The thickness of bulletproof glass is between 7 mm and 75 mm. The bullet fired on the bulletproof glass will puncture the outer glass, but the polycarbonate glass material layer can absorb the energy of the bullet, thus preventing it from penetrating the inner glass

the bulletproof ability of bulletproof glass depends on the thickness of the glass that can enhance bone healing due to electrical stimulation. The impact force of rifle bullets on the glass is much greater than that of pistol bullets, so the bulletproof glass for defending rifle bullets is much thicker than that for defending pistol bullets only

there is also a one-way bulletproof glass. One side of it can defend bullets, but it does not prevent bullets from passing through the other side. This allows those who have been attacked to fight back. This kind of bulletproof glass is made of a layer of brittle material, a rubber tensile testing machine and a layer of ductile material

imagine a car equipped with this kind of one-way bulletproof glass. If someone outside the car shoots at the window, the bullet will hit the brittle material layer first. The brittle material near the impact point will become crushed and absorb part of the energy in a large range. Toughness will not release metal ions into the drug solution, while the material absorbs the remaining energy of the bullet, so as to resist the bullet. Bullets fired from the inside out of the same car can easily puncture glass. Because the energy of the bullet hits in a small area, the ductile material is ejected. This makes the brittle material break outward, so that the bullet can penetrate the ductile material and hit the target

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