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Printing and dyeing equipment such as setting machine and circular printing machine have become market highlights

this year, most setting machine manufacturers are not worried about orders. Because, with the promotion of the elimination of backward production capacity, printing and dyeing enterprises in Shishi, Shaoxing and other regions have significantly accelerated the pace of updating the setting machine

although the trust and favor of domestic printing and dyeing enterprises on European equipment have not fundamentally changed, the high price of imported equipment has deterred many user enterprises. The price of a domestic setting machine is about 1.8 million yuan, while the same imported equipment can buy more than 5 million yuan. Buying an imported equipment can buy three domestic medium and high-end equipment. With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology of domestic equipment, domestic equipment can be used for printing and dyeing products that are not particularly high-end. Moreover, domestic equipment not only considers the actual production conditions, but also has better adaptability and more convenient after-sales maintenance. This is also one of the reasons why domestic setting machine equipment is gradually recognized by domestic customers and has become a hot seller

for example, among the 15 printing and dyeing enterprises that have been included in the renovation and upgrading of Wuxing, Zhejiang Province, 24 open and airless printing and dyeing washing tanks with steam heating that need to be eliminated have been eliminated, accounting for 83% of the planned tasks. In addition, these enterprises also actively eliminate and update production equipment with high energy consumption, high pollution and low output. At present, 102 sets of old equipment such as pretreatment equipment, stenting and setting machine, rotary printing machine and continuous dyeing machine have been eliminated, 56 sets have been updated, and nearly 150million yuan has been invested

recently, Shaoxing Dongsheng company invested more than 100million yuan to purchase equipment such as setting machine and dyeing machine. The company selects an air cylinder dyeing machine with a bath ratio of 1:3, which greatly exceeds the main functions of the tensile testing machine required to set the bath in the gathering area. Naturally, the ratio should not be higher than the threshold of 1:8, so as to minimize the water output of printing and dyeing wastewater. At the same time, in terms of finishing after printing and dyeing, the enterprise imports international advanced setting machines from South Korea and other countries

while peers are still using a large number of old equipment for production, Haimen Tonghai dyeing and finishing company has invested 80million in recent two years to replace all the old equipment with the leading equipment in domestic peers. Among them, Tonghai dyeing and finishing is equipped with 16 sets of heat setting machines worth more than 1million yuan. Qiu Zuxin, chairman of the company, calculated that the old equipment used to process 65 meters of cloth per minute, but now it processes 90 meters per minute. 36000 meters more can be processed in one day, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. In the past, at least two people were required to watch each old equipment. Now it is fully automated, and the manpower and cost are greatly reduced. By updating the equipment, the product quality has also been greatly improved. Now our products are sold directly in supermarkets in Europe, America and other countries. In the past three years, the company has never had any incidents such as return of goods, storage pressure, claims, etc. It is with these advantages that others do not have that Tonghai dyeing and finishing Co., Ltd. will seize a larger market share in the depressed printing and dyeing industry

develop the technical transformation market of the setting machine

the setting machine is one of the main equipment that consumes energy and pollutes. In order to solve this problem, printing and dyeing production enterprises can not only replace the advanced energy-saving and environmental protection setting machine, but also choose to transform the waste gas of the setting machine. It is worth noting that this transformation is also becoming a new development trend

in May this year, Shaoxing County announced the full implementation of blue sky action, requiring more than 1900 setting machines in the printing and dyeing industry in the county to install waste gas treatment devices, and all coal-fired boilers to be changed into natural gas central heating. The government has issued incentive policies to subsidize 60000 yuan for each coal to gas boiler and 10% for the installation of waste gas treatment devices. At present, 459 coal to gas setting machines have been transformed, and 120 of 550 boilers have been out of service. As of August 7, all shaping machines have been signed, of which 788 have been transformed, with a completion rate of more than 40%. Zhushengjie, general manager of Shaoxing Xinyuan knitting dyeing and finishing plant, said that the waste gas of the printing and dyeing plant mainly refers to the white smoke generated by the evaporation of oil during the high-temperature setting process, commonly known as white oil. The new device can cool the white smoke released by the setting machine and implement electrostatic purification treatment. After treatment, the color and smell of the flue gas discharged from the steel pipe can be greatly improved

domestic equipment has gradually become the mainstream

according to Li Yi, an expert on printing and dyeing equipment of China Textile machinery and equipment industry association, in the past two years, the hardness value of scouring is not as accurate as that of Brinell method, and the effect of eliminating backward production capacity has begun to appear in the textile machinery industry. Although the overall market of textile machinery is not good, some energy-saving and emission reduction printing and dyeing equipment has achieved a hot market. For example, setting machine and circular printing machine are the popular equipment sold in the past two years. Textile machinery enterprises such as machinery have indeed felt this change. For example, the sales volume of circular printing machines of Fujian Jilong company in the first half of the year increased by more than 30% year-on-year

The main reason why the setting machine sells well is that this kind of equipment adopts some new technologies, which has the characteristics of large demand and wide application. It can be used not only to set the shape of woven fabrics, but also to set the shape of knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics. The reason why round printing machines sell well is that the automation level of the equipment is generally improved at present, and the accuracy of flower alignment of the equipment is significantly improved. Even if manual flower alignment is required, the purpose of manual and accurate flower alignment will soon be achieved. It has fundamentally changed the situation that the original manual flower printing machine may need to waste hundreds of meters of cloth to properly align the flowers. At the same time, you are welcome to choose these devices, and the consumption level and pollution level of Shandong Star High Tech have been significantly improved

when the overall economy is sluggish, there will always be some bright spots in some industries. Under the national policy of eliminating backward production capacity, printing and dyeing equipment such as setting machine and circular printing machine have become rare and lasting highlights in the market

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