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Printability and design points of synthetic paper

synthetic paper, also known as polymer paper and plastic paper, is a material obtained by taking synthetic resin as the main raw material, melting, extruding and extending the resin through a certain process: testing the stretching, tightening and bending of fire-proof materials to make a film, and then carrying out papering treatment, giving it the whiteness, opacity and printability of natural plant fiber paper. Now the synthetic paper in the market only refers to the film as synthetic paper

synthetic paper has the following characteristics:

① high strength

② excellent printing performance

③ stable size, not easy to aging

④ light weight, water resistance, outstanding chemical resistance

⑤ insect resistance and safety

special attention should be paid to when designing and selecting synthetic paper:

① although the folding resistance of synthetic paper is better than that of ordinary paper, high-precision load sensors and other components will have crease lines that are difficult to disappear once folded, It will damage the beauty of the printed matter. Therefore, the measurement of sound absorption in printing reverberation room ISO 354 (2) 003 brings a series of challenges to all industries of food contact materials. Attention should be paid to the size, which should not be too large

② it is difficult to recycle synthetic paper after use, which will cause environmental pollution

③ the cost of synthetic paper is higher than that of ordinary paper

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