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Deep blue ocean signed the second phase of TPL knowledge management project

recently, deep blue ocean once again received good news. With its strong strength in the field of knowledge management, it signed the second phase of the China TPL knowledge management project again. On the basis of the existing functions of the first phase, in order to further make better use of the functions of the knowledge base and make the knowledge base play a greater role in the whole group system, According to the users' feedback on the success of phase I and the increasing needs of various departments, we will introduce the training and examination system module and the core system docking module. In addition, on the basis of the existing knowledge classification and content of the knowledge base system in the unified period, in order to better integrate, reference and update the knowledge, the knowledge base system in the second period will introduce the docking with aris system

China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd., an insurance group subordinate to the State Council, is the first financial and insurance holding group company in China and the only state-owned insurance group company headquartered in Hong Kong. China Taiping has 1188 business institutions at all levels. Among them, there are 20 subsidiaries, 125 provincial branches and branches directly under subsidiaries, and 1043 branches at other levels; The business area covers mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, Europe, Oceania, East Asia and Southeast Asia. Up to now, the total assets of China Taiping group have exceeded 130billion, with nearly 10million customers. The framework of China Taiping's customer-centric integrated financial service platform has taken initial shape. The establishment of the group's shared service center integrates various resources of the whole group, such as underwriting, claims verification, finance, information technology, etc., and realizes the centralization of the group's insurance operation services and financial information data processing, which can provide comprehensive and diversified comprehensive services of financial and insurance products for enterprise customers and individual customers

headquartered in Beijing, deep blue sea has technology, R & D and consulting centers in Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Wuhan, and offices in many regions across the country. Deep blue sea is a domestic IT high-tech enterprise specializing in R & D, consulting and services of knowledge management solutions. It has long been focused and committed to promoting the development of knowledge management in China. Deep blue sea area guides the development of knowledge management consulting, system research and development, software implementation, knowledge wealth appreciation and other businesses with the independent innovation of the five major modes of human cognition of the world and the knowledge management world outlook of unified knowledge platform. Deep blue sea has successfully implemented knowledge management systems and provided knowledge management consulting and training services in large and medium-sized enterprises, especially leading enterprises in the telecommunications and financial fields. After years of intensive cultivation in the telecommunications, finance, manufacturing and real estate industries, it has established a unique practical system of knowledge management functions, consultation and implementation, which has won the praise of many customers, is in line with the fundamental interests of the two countries and the two peoples, and has become the most solid software and service provider in the field of domestic knowledge management and has won the reputation and trust of many customers

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