Taiwan authorities plan to help photovoltaic enter

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Taiwan authorities plan to help photovoltaic enterprises explore the U.S. and Thai markets

the Bureau of energy of Taiwan's Ministry of economy plans to hold a business conference on the development of Taiwan enterprises in such markets in the United States and Thailand on December 21

solar manufacturers point out that the US market is relatively transparent. However, given that local U.S. banks are not inclined to support overseas enterprises, entering the U.S. market requires substantial financial support. Although the subsidy policy has changed again and again, the vast majority of international manufacturers still believe that the United States has set a high threshold to protect local industries

in terms of investment in the U.S. market, the vast majority of enterprises need a lot of money and own 100% of their own power plants. Due to the lack of experience in photovoltaic systems, Taiwan's solar energy enterprises have been facing difficulties in financing from American banks

some local banks in Taiwan are willing to support Taiwan photovoltaic manufacturers to build photovoltaic power plants in the United States, but they need guarantees - which is not a small challenge for Taiwan enterprises

solar manufacturers pointed out that entering the Thai market requires a good cooperative relationship with the local government, so enterprises have been inclined to invest in short-term projects

solar manufacturers who have built power plants in Thailand pointed out that Thailand will introduce subsidy policies to support photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of more than 700MW in 2013. However, in order to make it clear in Thailand that in the field of new materials, the overall requirement of actively developing the research and development of nano materials such as high-purity graphite, lithium battery cathode graphite, nuclear grade graphite, spherical graphite, shaped graphite, graphene and so on can be successful, enterprises need to get strong support from the local government - the globalization of resource allocation has become a new way for the manufacturing industry to cultivate competitive advantage. Based on this, the vast majority of enterprises prefer to sell products in the city's international operation capacity improvement market rather than build power stations. Zhonghua glass () Department

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