Taiwan yideshi Co., Ltd. developed micro injection

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Taiwan yideshi Co., Ltd. developed its own micro injection molding machine

Taiwan yideshi Co., Ltd. developed its own micro injection molding machine, which is the first batch of micro injection molding machines made in non Japan and Germany. This Taiwanese company in China's plastic machinery market will enter the market at a price 30% lower than the existing models, hoping to seize market share

Wu Mei, executive director of Taiwan yideshi Co., Ltd., said, "we have the technology and skills to develop such machines, and at the same time, we have more price advantages. We have successfully overcome many original cost problems of such machines." The micro injection molding machine of IDEX uses a plunger injection system, equipped with a servo motor from Japan and a gear pump from Germany. The company believes that this is an excellent opportunity to enter the powerful electronic component molding industry in Taiwan through its new products, and thus open a gap to further expand to the application fields of electronics, medicine and domestic laboratory machine manufacturers

the new machine has different indicators for different testing materials and testing machines, which has helped the company win this year's plastic machinery award issued by the Taiwan Machinery Industry Association (TAMI)

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