Taiwan launched the most popular negative pressure

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Taiwan launches negative pressure ventilation fan according to overseas media reports, Taiwan Yongshun technology company launched negative pressure ventilation fan. Through the whole plant planning, it can effectively solve the problems of plant heat, hot smell and poor ventilation. The first test point is not used. It is suitable for all kinds of industrial plants, food, electronics, animal husbandry and agriculture, horticultural greenhouses, chemical plants, logistics and storage, paint and electroplating, hardware casting, plastic injection Medical institutions and food factories, etc

the company is made of expensive new materials. Wang Daqi, the manager of the company, said that Yongshun negative pressure ventilation fan applies the negative pressure forward suction principle to carry out forced convection. It can have engineering plastics, highly reliable safety materials and low VOC environmental protection materials used in research and development to effectively reduce the temperature in the plant. It uses the principle of air circulation and uses shutters, without power and manpower, special diversion port design, and no air duct erection, One piece f vigorously develops the plastic granulator technology RP shell that uses renewable energy and industrial waste heat, which can reduce metal resonance and resonance, effectively reduce noise, and use the principle of air convection at low speed to discharge the heat and dirty gas out of the plant

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