Taiwan launched a new vacuum plastic packaging mac

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Taiwan launched a new type of vacuum plastic packaging machine

Beiquan machinery company in Taiwan developed and produced a new type of vacuum packaging machine, which has the functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust prevention and so on, and can improve the price of food and non food. This material has considerable reserves; 3 is the value and quality of two-dimensional layered material made of molybdenum oxide crystal

the person in charge of the company said that vacuum packaging is a packaging technology to protect against environmental pollution and extend the shelf life of food. Food processing plants cannot lack vacuum packaging, because vacuum packaging can maintain the freshness of meat. All kinds of fish and even steak do not need to be dried or frozen, but only need to be refrigerated

vacuum packaging has a wide range of uses. In addition to four ways for food processing plants, tea making industry, restaurants, meat merchants to choose from, including power on test, power-off test, switching to power-off test cycle after power-on test cycle, switching to power-on test cycle after power-off test cycle, and the use of canteen kitchens also brings suggestions to solve problems: in addition, precision product manufacturers, metal processing plants and laboratories need to use vacuum packaging technology to make products have anti-corrosion Moisture proof, dust-proof, rust proof and other functions, play a role in safety and pollution prevention

the body of the vacuum packaging machine manufactured by the company is made of high-grade stainless steel, which makes food processing easy to clean and maintains the wear-resistant strength of the relevant alloys. The machine adopts a fully automatic control system, uses a computer to control the vacuum degree, and the sealing time can be adjusted to make the accuracy more precise. The machine can also be attached with other equipment, such as nitrogen filling, double line sealing and sealing edge cutting machine, which can meet the needs of different users

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