Taiwan has developed the most popular soft color d

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Taiwan has developed a soft color display with high plastic substrate

the display center of Taiwan Industrial Research Institute recently released a 7-inch soft high-order color display with low stress and low temperature process, creating a plastic substrate with high plasticity to replace the glass substrate

this technology uses the low temperature and low stress process of 200 ℃ to solve the problems of expansion and pulling of the substrate and difficult alignment of the upper and lower layers caused by different materials during heating, and successfully makes the soft panel painting element reach the level of the current glass process. In the future, it has the advantage of mutual replacement with the application products of the glass process

Cheng Zhanglin, director of the display center of the Industrial Research Institute, said that the core technology of soft displays is in its infancy in the world. Taiwan should master the display technology of the next generation, and soft entry is one of the important ways. With the advantages of mass production of displays in Taiwan's industry and the forward-looking research and development of soft display technology by ITRI, there is an opportunity to play an important role in the global soft display industry in the future. But turning hard into soft is not a simple project. The key is to replace glass substrates with plastic substrates with high plasticity. At present, the material and manufacturing process of plastic substrates have been preliminarily completed. This research has been distributed since 1997

this is the first exhibition of the latest mobile life application new product of ITRI this year after the soft display technology achievement exhibition of ITRI last year. At present, the market share of CFRP reaches 90% display, 10.4-inch single-layer color cholesterol liquid crystal display, 7-inch composite accelerated 1-BODY process liquid crystal display, soft conference nameplate and other 17 new generation displays, materials, equipment Process and system technologies make the prefix 10 move downward, so as to carry out tensile experiments and apply concepts in the future

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