Taiwan recently issued new regulations on the usab

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Taiwan recently issued a new regulation on the usable range of plastic bags

Taiwan's Environmental Protection Agency recently revised the current specification standard of the environmental protection label of 0~100kg, stipulating that only plastic bags and disposable tableware with a decomposition degree of 90% and obtaining the environmental protection label of the environmental protection agency "compostable plastic products" can be used in the future

according to the current standard, as long as the degree of decomposition reaches more than 50% 8, and whether it is "light decomposition" or "biological decomposition", you can apply for an environmental protection stamp. However, the new standard only allows the "biodegradation" method, and the provisions on the degree of biodegradation are also increased from 50% to 90% within the original six months, which can be equivalent to the decomposition rate of peel, vegetable leaves, dead branches, leaves, etc

in addition, the Environmental Protection Agency decided to redefine the definition of decomposable products, and to abolish the existing four environmental protection standards of decomposable agricultural materials, packaging materials, sanitary equipment, consumer products, etc. these lightweight glass fiber composite 3 Meiji plates are mainly used in the production of luggage compartment floor, clothes rack, sunshade and sunroof sunshade of cars, and formulate a new environmental protection standard of "compostable plastic products"

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