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With the help of the springboard function of the exhibition, Taiwan's machinery industry Longyan looks for business opportunities

Xinhua Fuzhou, November 9 (Liu Mohan) the exhibition is crowded with people and an endless stream of guests come to consult. Taiwanese businessman Zeng Shuifu feels that Longyan's trip has not been in vain

On August 8, the 9th cross strait Machinery Industry Expo opened in Longyan, Fujian Province. Zeng Shuifu, a Taiwanese businessman who has long been engaged in agricultural machinery manufacturing, participated in the exhibition for the first time under the introduction of a friend, bringing the agricultural machinery developed by the company. These machines are small in appearance and flexible in operation, and are suitable for farming in mountainous, hilly and other terrain

Zeng Shuifu said that the company began to develop and produce such agricultural machinery products in 1996, and has achieved good sales results in Taiwan and Southeast Asian markets. In recent years, they began to gradually turn their attention to the mainland market and gradually spread channels in Shandong, Guizhou and other places

"this year, we have invested in setting up a factory in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, and moved the production line from Taiwan to Fujian. The biggest wish of this exhibition is to take advantage of the springboard effect of the exhibition, and take Fujian as the base to further open the mainland market." Zeng Shuifu said

as engineers and developers can make correct decisions on the utilization of their products and the raw materials and processes adopted in production, the Machinery Expo is one of the two key machinery exhibitions in the province. After years of development, the Machinery Expo has become a "big stage" for the high-level docking of the machinery industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Statistics from the Organizing Committee showed that nearly 400 domestic and foreign exhibitors participated in the exhibition this year. In addition to a number of small agricultural machinery enterprises with special characteristics in Taiwan, well-known machinery enterprises such as XuBen industry, Yuchang industry, Yongyi CNC, Dayin industry, Yier group, etc. also participated in the exhibition with a lower cost derivative pole of F1

at the exhibition site, Chen Zhengyao, head of Yuchang Industrial Co., Ltd. Fujian Branch, brought the latest generation of floor sweepers, floor washers and other products to the exhibition. He and his son Chen Jianjun enthusiastically introduced the performance and characteristics of their products to the exhibitors of the 3 closed-loop electronic universal experimental machine below 10kN at the exhibition site. They were busy negotiating cooperation intentions with merchants

"the mainland and Taiwan are separated by a strip of water. In recent years, the mainland has issued a large number of policies to encourage and support the development of Taiwan businessmen. We hope to seize this opportunity to deeply cultivate the Fujian market." Chen Zhengyao said

according to Yang Ronghui, vice president of the all China Federation of Taiwan enterprises, Taiwan's machinery manufacturing industry has world-class standards in the fields of molds, electronic production equipment, plastic machinery, woodworking machinery, cutting machines, molding machines, etc. Longyan is an important base for the development of Fujian's machinery industry, has a good industrial foundation, and has initially formed three clusters of construction machinery, automobile manufacturing, and environmental protection equipment, It is marching towards leading industries of 100 billion level

"it is hoped that the enterprises on both sides of the Taiwan Strait can use the exhibition platform to give full play to their respective advantages and further promote the mutual cooperation and development of the machinery industry on both sides of the Taiwan Strait." Yang Ronghui said

source: Xinhua

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