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After the "26 measures", Zhejiang's first Taiwan funded machine tool enterprise and Taiwan Funded Industrial and trading enterprise landed in Yuhuan

sound of the Strait to jointly develop lightweight carbon fiber composite components for the automotive industry. Radio station Shanghai on November 19 (Zhang Di correspondent Wang Jingjin, Ye Peng, Wu Xiaohong) recently, Zhejiang Weiwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and hafera (Zhejiang) Trading Co., Ltd. officially settled in chuangrong · Yuhuan industrial city. According to the administrative committee of Zhejiang Taiwan (Yuhuan) economic and trade cooperation zone, the two enterprises have become the first Taiwan funded machine tool enterprise and Taiwan Funded Industrial Trade Enterprise in Zhejiang to land in Yuhuan after the release of the "26 measures" to benefit Taiwan, with a total registered capital of 20million yuan

on November 4, in order to share the development opportunities of the mainland with Taiwan compatriots and provide equal treatment for Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan enterprises, the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, the national development and Reform Commission, in consultation with more than 20 departments such as the Organization Department of the Central Committee and the Ministry of education, issued the "several measures on further promoting cross strait economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation". The landing of Taiwan funded machine tool enterprises and related trade enterprises in Yuhuan will not only help promote the transformation and upgrading of Yuhuan machine tool industry, but also help Taiwan funded enterprises seize the development opportunities of the mainland market

it is understood that Taiwan is one of the main producing areas of medium and high-end machine tools in the world. Its machine tool products have high cost performance and play an important role in the international machine tool industry. The huge market in the mainland and the international market atmosphere will provide opportunities for the development and growth of Taiwan machine tool enterprises

entering the machine tool exhibition hall of Zhejiang Huiwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., located on the first floor of the 20 factory buildings in chuangrong Yuhuan industrial city, a precision gear head machining center specializing in manufacturing high-speed products, such as those processed by spraying, is in operation, attracting many people to visit the site. The enterprise is headquartered in Taiwan, and its machine tool production technology is world-leading. The settlement of the enterprise in Yuhuan is a new strategic layout

"now the country is vigorously promoting the manufacturing power strategy, Yuhuan is also a strong industrial city, and a large number of high-tech enterprises are being introduced. Then we were thinking that since the government is so supportive, we might as well try it." Panliqun, general manager of Zhejiang Huiwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., said

at present, Zhejiang Huiwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has the ability of independent innovation and research, and its sales system across the country is very stable. This year, after team restructuring, it has made a comprehensive upgrade of related products. "I believe that in the near future, we will join hands with Yuhuan to expand the sales scope, enter the European and American markets, and establish a brand of machine tool equipment that belongs to our nation." Pan Liqun said confidently

similarly, hafera (Zhejiang) Trading Co., Ltd., which landed on the same day, has also attracted much attention, because it is one of the few industrial trading enterprises in Yuhuan. Based on the local industrial foundation, such as plumbing valves, auto parts, etc., enterprises realize B2B and B2C transactions. At present, more than 10 Taiwanese youth have been attracted to work here

"we hope to attract more Taiwan youth and mainland graduates who are interested in international trade through such a platform, create a cross-border e-commerce international trade youth elite team, and jointly expand the 'cake' of the cross-border e-commerce market." Huang Naiheng, chairman of hafela (Zhejiang) Trading Co., Ltd., said

the confidence of enterprises in the future comes from the continuous strengthening of reform by the government. Since the implementation of the "30 policies of Yuhuan to promote exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan", the detailed rules have basically been "every case has its place", which covers six categories, including direct flights to Taiwan, platform creation, investment cooperation, employment and entrepreneurship, cultural exchanges, and other service guarantees. In combination with local reality, the rules have been tried first, providing Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan enterprises with more equal treatment with local residents and enterprises, Further deepened the economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between Yuhuan and Taiwan, and built Yuhuan into a "bridgehead" for cross-strait cooperation and exchanges and a "experimental area" for integrated development

at the same time, in the process of promoting the project of "further expanding the popularity of millions of brands" vigorously implemented this year, various departments such as Yuhuan Investment Promotion Center, Yuhuan Taiwan Affairs Office, Zhejiang Taiwan (Yuhuan) economic and Trade Cooperation Zone Management Committee, as well as Yucheng street, take enterprises as the main body, projects as the starting point, parks as the carrier, improve service efficiency, and take the "last mile" of the preferential Taiwan policy, Help a number of Taiwan business enterprise projects such as Zhejiang Huiwei Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and hafela (Zhejiang) Trade Co., Ltd. to land as soon as possible

"it is a good start for Yuhuan to take the first step to undertake the early test of Taiwan's machine tool transfer with Yuhuan's own industrial foundation and machine tool manufacturing technology." Xu Min, director of the administrative committee of Zhejiang Taiwan (Yuhuan) economic and trade cooperation zone, said that next, Yuhuan will continue to think about how to give full play to its industrial foundation advantages, rely on Taiwan's advanced industrial manufacturing technology, promote the development of Yuhuan machine tool manufacturing industry through transformation and upgrading, and open a new opportunity for win-win cooperation, The working materials that promote the handheld laser rangefinder in our civilian market mainly include the following: the development of semiconductor laser manufacturing industry with working wavelengths of 905 nm and 1540 nm. "Through the tangible ship COSCO star, the invisible hand of positive energy on both sides of the Strait, promote the integration and development of all walks of life, so that cross-strait exchanges and cooperation can land in Yuhuan, start in Yuhuan, and move towards the broad market of the Yangtze River Delta."

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