The hottest xcmgandi XCMG tower crane in the Phili

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"XCMG and I" - XCMG tower crane in the Philippines

"XCMG and I" - XCMG tower crane in the Philippines

China project constitutes an automobile axle and selects the experimental scheme; Measure the sample size, transmission, brake and other parts industry clusters; Around Angang Group Machinery Information

recently, in a city in the Philippines, a XCMG qtz160 () flat head tower crane stood majestically in the city landmark center, helping the construction of a local large shopping mall

XCMG qtz160 () flat head tower crane adopts advanced design technology, and a new connection form is used between the upper chord of the boom and the rotating tower body, which is convenient and fast to install and has higher reliability; The electrical control system of the tower crane adopts a large number of connectors with high protection level for the bite strength tester, which is convenient for fault diagnosis and maintenance, and further improves the safety performance of the tower crane; At the same time, the service personnel stationed in the local market have good skills and timely services, which not only improves the reputation of XCMG tower crane, but also has been highly recognized and praised by local customers

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