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Xct35: the strongest hoisting weapon in narrow space, which is misunderstood by many people

xct35: the strongest hoisting weapon in narrow space, which is misunderstood by many people

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2.0mm); Suzuki (ABP ⑴ the reasons for the oil leakage of 520new Xu material testing machine are roughly as follows: the generation g platform technology has been leading the development of industry technology. From 60 tons for the third bridge, 100 tons for the fourth bridge, 220 tons for the fifth bridge, 350 tons for the sixth bridge, 550 tons for the seventh bridge, 1200 tons for the eighth bridge, to 1600 tons for the ninth bridge, the advent of each product has caused a great shock to the industry. When the industry is still using more bridges and greater body weight to increase the performance of cranes, XCMG has taken the lead in adopting With the lightweight design of the whole machine and the best matching, we can provide customers with the most extreme products

the three bridge 35 ton crane xct35 is a strong player in the extreme design

three bridge xct35, five section U-shaped main boom, with a maximum lifting capacity of 35 tons, and its strong lifting performance is a height that no other manufacturer in the industry can reach

the length of the car body is only 13.065m, and the turning radius is 11m. The transition is flexible and fast, which is very suitable for working in a narrow space

35 ton trapezoidal lead screw body weight, driving fuel consumption is the lowest in the industry, and the use cost is greatly reduced. XCMG's unique low-speed high torque power transmission system is adopted, with a maximum driving speed of 90km/h, a maximum climbing capacity of 42%, and a super strong off-road ability. It can conquer more complex environment without wear and tear for customers

new energy-saving hydraulic system, double pump separation and confluence control technology, the minimum stable speed of rotation is 0.1 °/s, and the compound action is stable and efficient

this is a major player integrating the most advanced technology in the industry

when you really understand it, you will feel that it is absolutely worth having

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