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Xi'an University Students' research and development of "robot peddler" express brother is about to lose his job

nowadays, the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology has made many industries face robot challenges, such as the establishment and improvement of comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standards for plastic granulator equipment express. Originally, I thought that the express brother could work for a few more years, but the era of robot express delivery soon came and made every effort to score goals

recently, a classmate from a university in Xi'an developed a "robot peddler", which is specially used to distribute goods. This robot can not only plan the route by itself, but also avoid or choose the way to detour. It is also powerful. It seems that the express boy will lose his job again

according to the news released on the Weibo of "Shaanxi Provincial Department of education": [robots grab jobs? Chang'an university students develop unmanned express] the era of robot express delivery is really coming! The "robot peddler", developed by several students of the school of automotive engineering of Chang'an University, has entered the road test stage

"robot courier" is a delivery robot specially used for "the last mile". It has strong recognition and calculation ability. According to the preset map, it will not only intelligently plan the route, but also choose temporary avoidance or detour according to the road obstacles

imagine that in the near future, when you receive express delivery, you open the door and see a cute robot. Do you expect to measure high enough

for this express robot, my friends think so:

I was sleeping before meeting: I didn't expect to be too lazy to go out the door

memories from the stars: really, I'm looking forward to

kind and lovely: robot path planning

renqiang_: Secretly carry home

last night__ Dongfeng, such as building heat insulation and sound insulation, oil pollution liquidation: fuzzy control

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