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Xi'an caotan national printing and packaging base moves towards industrial depth

in Xi'an Economic Development Zone, the printing and packaging industry, which is most closely linked with advanced manufacturing industry in the cultural industry, is accelerating to become an important fulcrum for the region to adjust the industrial structure, change the development mode and enhance the economic aggregate

since March, the project sites of Xi'an printing and packaging industry base have shown a scene of vigorous construction

in Jingmin 1st Road, caotan Ecological Industrial Park, economic development zone, the workers of Xi'an Xiongfeng Printing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xiongfeng printing) are busy in an orderly manner and will be used for the national "863" key high-tech research project undertaken by a Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Group Corporation. Ling Ling, the chairman of the company, told that the increasing market orders urged the new plant to be put into production as soon as possible, so the workers worked overtime to carry out the final testing and commissioning of the equipment to ensure that everything was safe. Caotan Ecological Industrial Park, the only national printing and packaging industry base in China, is oriented by green, high-end, scale and coordination. At present, the base has attracted 54 printing and packaging enterprises, with a total investment of nearly 4billion yuan. Only when all the existing projects are completed, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of more than 10billion yuan

gathering and upgrading complement each other.

Xiongfeng printing was originally located in the central business district of the economic development zone. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in trademark and packaging design and printing in beer, tobacco, beverage, food and other industries. When you enter Xiongfeng printing, you will find that the new plants here are in good order, the transportation vehicles are busy shuttling, and more than 10 workers in the workshop carefully debug new equipment and carefully record various data

as a senior person in the printing and packaging industry, in the view of zhaozutong of Xiongfeng printing, the company's move to caotan can be summarized in four words. Taking advantage of the situation, the enterprise seized the opportunity of industrial layout adjustment brought by the urban transformation of the region east of Zhuhong road in the economic development zone, and successfully completed the gathering to a specialized printing and packaging base; Refrigerator): with the overall relocation, the overload thermal relay (protecting the blower and refrigerator from overload) has achieved at least three breakthroughs, including capacity improvement, equipment upgrading and technology upgrading, and its comprehensive strength has reached a new level

it is understood that the total investment of Xiongfeng printing relocation project is 250million yuan, which is expected to achieve an annual sales of 300million yuan, and the output value can reach more than three times the original. With the help of this rebirth, the enterprise has invested 80million yuan at the same time to introduce more than 20 world-class printing equipment such as Japanese Komori offset press and Taiwan automatic grinding and cutting machine, plus production supporting facilities, with a cumulative investment of more than 100million yuan

with the upgrading of plant, equipment and other hardware, Xiongfeng printing will promote the use of water-soluble ink technology in more than 95% of its products. Because the technology has environmental protection characteristics such as no volatile organic gases, the comprehensive evaluation of products will reach the international advanced level, and the material cost can be saved by more than 1million yuan every year

in July last year, Chinese media laid out its digital printing base in the grass. With a total investment of 740million yuan, the project will mainly build three comprehensive sectors: media printing, commercial printing and office. After completion, it will only undertake the media printing business of Chinese businessmen, with an annual output value of 580million yuan. At the same time, relying on the influence of Chinese brands and marketing channels, it can also attract 500 million yuan of foreign newspaper printing business in the province and Northwest China, making the enterprise's comprehensive annual sales reach 1.08 billion yuan, becoming one of the largest professional printing leading enterprises in Northwest China

at present, the construction of caotan printing and packaging base has initially shown two breakthrough trends in the traditional printing and packaging industry. Guoxuemin, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the economic development zone, believes that a number of large input and large output or low input and high output enterprises represented by Huashang digital and Xinhua distribution will break through the original layout of scattered, disordered and small industries and make the industry move towards centralized and large-scale development; A number of technological innovation enterprises represented by Xiongfeng printing and Shuangjian packaging will break through the traditional industry image of low efficiency, low quality and high consumption, and make the industry move towards environmental protection

Industrial Synergy under the overall planning thinking

under the background of deepening transformation and upgrading, the economic and Technological Development Zone focuses on building a modern industrial system with the coordinated development of advanced manufacturing industry and high-end service industry, which has brought huge market space for producer services such as printing and packaging, industrial design, financial consulting, logistics intermediary and so on

according to the statistics of the Provincial Publishing Bureau, there are currently more than 4000 printing enterprises of various types in the province, with a total industrial output value of about 7billion yuan. Among them, the small and medium-sized printing enterprises with assets less than 10million Yuan account for more than 90% of the total number of enterprises. The outdated technology and equipment and the lack of high-end processing capacity make the output value of commercial printing outflow in the province alone as high as 3billion yuan every year

take BP Puri solar PV Co., Ltd., an investment project of the world's top 500 in the economic development zone, as an example. The enterprise purchases more than 30 million yuan of packaging materials every year. However, due to the lack of high-end printing capacity locally, this business is covered by Suzhou enterprises. According to BP's 12th Five Year Plan, the amount of packaging materials will reach 100million yuan in the future. The lack of local printing industry's supporting services for the manufacturing industry has not only led to the outflow of BP Puri's printing package output value of 100million yuan, but also the cross provincial supporting procurement, which has also raised the logistics cost of BP Puri and greatly affected the supporting timeliness of enterprises

in caotan Ecological Industrial Park, it is found that a large number of advantageous enterprises here are making up for the shortcomings of the development of the local printing and packaging industry through their own step-by-step efforts, and breaking through the advanced manufacturing industry and packaging with the graphene material research results of Nankai University, making "photodynamic" flight a possible industrial bottleneck

in Xi'an Shuangjian Packaging Co., Ltd., dozens of production lines distributed in three workshops operate at full capacity and continuously output all kinds of exquisite packaging appliances. The relevant person in charge of the enterprise told that this is a product made for the enterprises in the economic development zone, Miqi food and gudu rest assured breakfast

it is revealed that Xi'an Shuangjian Packaging Co., Ltd. is expected to form a supporting cooperative relationship with KFC in the near future, becoming this large multinational enterprise that regards new products and new packaging as an important business philosophy, and the only packaging product supplier in Western China

in caotan Ecological Industrial Park, Xi'an Bingxin Paper Co., Ltd., with an investment of US $20million from Dingxin international, will provide professional carton production support for the series of food and beverages in Master Kong Industrial Park. It is expected to achieve an annual output value of 180million yuan and pay tax of 8million yuan; Xiongfeng printing is a downstream supporting enterprise of famous beer brands such as snowflake, Jinwei and Lanma, and has become the only supplier of all M & A enterprises in the northwest of Tsingtao beer; Zhongwen Xi'an printing is the only service provider for the distribution of major national newspapers and periodicals in Shaanxi; The series of labels produced by Kaixing printing have been successfully matched with Foxconn Group, the world's largest electronic product manufacturer. According to the data, in 2010, the printing and packaging industry in Zhejiang accounted for 6.8% of the total industrial output value of the province, 3.6% in Guangdong, and only 1.4% in Shaanxi. According to Jia Shenglin, director of the administrative committee of the economic development zone, this group of data just reflects that there is huge potential and market space for the printing and packaging industry in Xi'an and even the western region. He said: Based on the increasing supporting needs of the advanced manufacturing base of the economic development zone, the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry will not only directly form new economic growth points and stimulate employment, but also form a coordinated development pattern of multi-directional promotion and mutual support with the local and surrounding manufacturing and other industries

vertical and horizontal expansion promotes competitiveness leap

in the Chinese class of class 1, grade 2 of a junior high school attached to a university in Xi'an, the national first-class announcer is reading Gorky's masterpiece "petrel", and the students have been shocked by the rough sea, the cloudy sky and the spirit of petrel riding the wind and waves. The students in the chemistry class in the next classroom are mixing ammonium nitrate, aluminum powder, carbon powder, trinitrotoluene and other chemical experimental raw materials in proportion, and carefully observing the whole process of explosive generation and the strong impact brought by the explosion

in fact, this is only the virtual simulation scene brought by the excellent course digital teaching application system provided by the caotan entry enterprise China Map Publishing House Xi'an Yadong map Co., Ltd. for students. The system has been authorized by the people's education publishing house, people's publishing house, China Map Publishing House and other domestic mainstream publishing institutions. It has successfully developed digital textbooks covering the whole grade of the nine-year compulsory education stage, and can provide customized development to meet the needs of characteristic teaching. With the advocacy and promotion of Yadong map, the system has been pilot applied in more than 20 primary and secondary schools in Xi'an, Baoji, Weinan and other places in our province. Through the experiential teaching mode integrating text, sound, video, operation and other functions, the classroom has become lively and interesting

at present, enterprises such as Yadong map, Jinqi printing and Wuzhou multimedia in caotan printing and packaging base have begun to accelerate their progress towards emerging publishing formats such as digital printing, digital textbooks and green packaging; The mold processing center in Shuangjian packaging planning and the alcohol label anti-counterfeiting system development of Xiongfeng printing have expanded the printing and packaging industry of the base to the upstream links such as design and development

the northwest Publishing Logistics Distribution Center of Xinhua Publishing, which started recently, although the investment is less than 200million yuan, focuses on the downstream links such as distribution, commerce and distribution, and takes logistics services such as books, audio-visual products, electronic publications, cultural goods and chain operations as the leading role to build a cultural entrepreneurship platform integrating distribution, gathering, management and training and a publishing and distribution gathering area with national influence, In the future, it can form a comprehensive scale of annual distribution logistics of 6million pieces and 400000 kinds of goods, and realize an annual sales revenue of more than 6billion yuan for the cultural and trade industry

during the establishment of caotan national printing and packaging industry base, the economic and Technological Development Zone organized relevant institutions and experts to demonstrate for many times, and carried out forward-looking planning and design for the base construction from the aspects of industrial promotion, platform construction, public services, talent support, "made in China 2025" and "1025 development plan for new material industry", which clearly proposed that new materials are an important strategic emerging industry support, In caotan, we will strive to build a leading area and a high-end green printing pilot area that will drive the great development and prosperity of the printing and packaging industry in the West

it is reported that the comprehensive industrial service system of Xi'an printing and packaging base implemented and operated by Xi'an printing and packaging base development Co., Ltd. has been listed in the major construction project library by the General Administration of press. At present, the centralized procurement platform mainly built by the system has integrated the resources of more than 1000 member units of the local printing and Packaging Association, and received a 300 million yuan platform credit from Bank of East Asia and Minsheng Bank and a 100 million yuan financial guarantee from Hanhua and Taixin. It is expected to be opened after the Spring Festival. Relying on the characteristic advantages of information exchange, resource sharing, batch bidding, financial guarantee, quality evaluation and so on, the platform will promote the zero distance docking of information flow, real logistics and capital flow in the Western printing and packaging industry and even the whole industry, so that supply, procurement, production and other aspects can feel the efficient services brought by this new business model

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