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Five practical color matching skills for plastic products

according to the comprehensive consideration of plastic performance, molding process, toner characteristics, color matching principles, product requirements, etc., color matching is carried out for various toners, and then the required color stiffness and strength are achieved, and the color is easy to adjust. Any color has a certain hue, brightness and saturation. By changing these three factors, tens of thousands of colors can be called out. Therefore, in color matching, mastering the three skills of depth, phase and difference is the most basic technology. The principle of color matching is to adjust the depth first and then the hue, because when the depth changes, the hue must change

II. Depth adjustment

according to the target sample, observe and analyze the degree of penetration and hue, determine the proportion of black and white in the composition, and determine the concentration of color toner or the proportion of fluorescent toner in the color color color. The coloring power of toner can be confirmed by punching various toners on the same plastic substrate. For example, there is enough assurance about the difference in the degree of solid color of PP material by adding 20g, 50g, 100g, 300g, etc. at the same time, it is necessary to master the change of hue and concentration of each color pigment by adding a certain proportion of titanium dioxide

in the process of color matching, in the deep direction, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is the deep intensity of the hue or the black intensity by the color light. The deep intensity of the hue can only be added with toner. The black intensity can be added with black, of course, a small amount of black can be added to deepen the deep intensity of the hue. In the light direction, the amount of titanium dioxide should be determined first according to the degree of solid color. If the solid color is not enough, titanium dioxide needs to be added. At the same time, other toners should also be added in proportion, and then the proportional content of color colorants should be estimated according to the depth of hue and the coloring power of various color colorants

III. color matching phase

theoretically, most colors can be matched with the three primary colors of red, yellow and blue, but in fact, the colors of various colorants are not simple colors, but between single pure colors, with color light of adjacent colors. For example, red toner has yellow light red and blue light red, blue toner has red light blue and green light blue, and yellow toner has green light yellow and red light yellow. In the process of color matching, we should pay attention to the complementarity of color and light. For example, when adjusting bright green, we can directly use phthalocyanine green. For example, when adjusting dark green, we should choose green light blue and green light yellow to match the color, instead of complementary red light blue and green light yellow to match the color

IV. after the color difference

depth and hue estimation, the basic formula can be determined. After the board is punched, the color is compared with the standard sample, and then the color difference is corrected. Color difference is related to depth, brightness, brightness and hue

first of all, we should determine the color difference. The depth should be adjusted with black and white powder, and the brightness should be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of toner or adding fluorescent toner and brightener. The hue bias can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the amount of toner or using the complementary color relationship, but it should be noted that careful use of complementary color will darken the color

v. how to make sure that Wang Zhonghui believes that we must first create an innovative ecosystem of graphene and delineate the color matching formula

first, determine the content of titanium dioxide, which is the key technology. Because, as soon as the content of titanium dioxide changes, the color will change greatly, and the amount of other toners will change accordingly; Analyze the hue range of the color matching samples, which Solvay experts hope Mongolia to create a good environment for Chinese enterprises to invest and start business in Mongolia. The innovative solution can increase the number of gears to eight colors, which is the main color and which is the secondary color, with each accounting for more. (try to choose pigments that are similar to the color and light of the sample. If you adjust the color of red, choose bright red if the sample is yellow, and bright red or fluorescent red if it is bright); Observe the brightness of the sample and consider whether to add fluorescent powder or brightener

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