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Xerox: in response to the economic crisis, enterprises practice their internal skills and generate new business opportunities

the financial crisis has brought extremely bad effects to most industries, but at the same time, 2. Introduction to steel strand: some new business opportunities are also budding

Fuji Xerox, a document management expert, carefully observed the market. In time, Jinan Shijin customized it for customers according to users' needs, seized this new business opportunity, actively provided document outsourcing services and solutions in China, and achieved a win-win situation with customers

Ge Qingquan, business development manager of global service department of Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd., told that many large international enterprises have a headache about the high cost of office document management. An international large-scale enterprise in China is preparing to slim down its office. Fuji Xerox provided document outsourcing services for the enterprise, readjusted the original allocation of various output equipment of the enterprise, and formulated new solutions, thus reducing the office expenses of the enterprise by 4.6%. After the adjustment, all the equipment has been fully utilized, while the equipment maintenance, consumables replacement and other work are all undertaken by Fuji Xerox, and the office cost of the enterprise has been reduced by 11% compared with the original

its ratio is the modulus of elasticity. In another example, an international catering giant used document outsourcing services to solve the problem of financial management. This fast food giant has more than 400 branches in China, and the number of various invoices from suppliers and stores across the country has increased rapidly. After adopting the Fas financial management service integrated financial bill information management platform of Fuji Xerox, you only need to scan the invoice into electronic files every day, set search keywords according to the time, supplier name, content and other core information, and store them in the digital management platform. The system's experimental equipment such as universal testing machine and pressure testing machine generate the corresponding electronic vouchers for each invoice, and then enter the financial approval process. After the electronic invoice is archived, it can realize convenient management and query anytime and anywhere, which enables each branch to query invoice information and payment process independently and quickly through the platform, greatly reducing the cost of financial management

integrating resources and implementing document outsourcing provide a highly operational cost control scheme for enterprises in crisis. Many large-scale enterprises and multinational companies that did not pay much attention to hidden costs in the past have begun to use their brains in this regard. Even some private enterprises have simply adopted outsourcing services to find a new mode of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure due to the current reduction in business. For example, an automobile 4S store is using Fuji Xerox's document outsourcing service to provide personalized services to everyone who buys a car, attracting car owners to come here for maintenance and repair. In addition, Fuji Xerox also helped the 4S store analyze the owner database, and printed and mailed personalized new car and accessories, service advertising leaflets according to each owner's preferences, making its attention five times that of the original simple promotional leaflet. Fuji Xerox's meticulous, thoughtful and personalized customer communication service not only affected existing customers, but also generated good public praise. Coupled with new advertising leaflets, it also won more new customers and sales opportunities for 4S stores

Fuji Xerox's document outsourcing service case shows that enterprises can achieve good returns as long as they give full play to their own advantages and actively seek and develop new business opportunities, whether in economic boom or recession. In the current environment where the international financial crisis continues to affect the real economy, this business strategy is more worthy of being applied to the actions to deal with the financial crisis. If all enterprises can adjust their strategies in time, find new breakthroughs, and make full use of their strengths, they can not only maintain the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also grow in the crisis without fear of the cold

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