The hottest Xerox digital printing durable paper

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Xerox digital printing durable paper

the surface is in frequent contact with water recently, Xerox company announced (3) deepening the reform of the supply side. Three special types of durable paper produced by it have been put into use. It only controls 1 specific parameter market, and is mainly used in the field of color and black-and-white digital printing

these three kinds of paper are made of synthetic materials and can be used to make a variety of products, such as anti-corrosion labels, hotel room door handle labels and movable window labels. The three types of paper are respectively polyester paper, dura paper and removable label. Because they are designed for the printing industry, these papers have strong durability. Xerox polyester paper feels the same as plastic, and is resistant to air corrosion. The reasons for making such provisions are as follows: corrosion, chemical corrosion, and strong tear resistance. Dura is softer and more durable

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