The hottest XD Group continues to grow and expand

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XD Group has continued to develop and expand by opening up the international market

in July this year, China XD Group signed a 500kV power transformer equipment supply contract with Pakistan Hydropower Development Bureau worth more than US $16 million, setting a new record of various new trends of ultra-high voltage single, and the international bid winning amount of black technology too cool machine equipment

for this bidding, XD Group is confident. Not only the power transformer, but also the reactor, fully enclosed switchgear, circuit breaker, disconnector, capacitor and other products of XD have a good reputation in the Pakistani market

self confidence comes from strength, but also from 20 years of hard work in international competition. From the initial project contracting and labor cooperation to obtaining all-round import and export management rights; From single equipment, turnkey projects to complete projects and technology exports, XD has continued to grow in the process of opening up the international market

in the field of power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturing, XD Group has created many firsts: China's first 330kV and 550kV high-voltage AC transmission project, the first 750kV ultra-high voltage AC transmission and distribution line, the first ± 100kV DC transmission line, the first ± 500kV ultra-high voltage DC transmission project, the first ± 800kV ultra-high voltage DC transmission project, and the first northwest North China back-to-back DC transmission project. In the Three Gorges Project and the "west to East power transmission" and other national key projects, there is a figure of "west to East power manufacturing". As the only large enterprise group that can provide complete sets of power equipment in China, XD is moving forward to an innovative multinational enterprise with international competitiveness

since the first step towards the international market in 1986, XD Group has never been slow to "go global" in fiscal year 2013. The turnkey project of four 132kV substations of Nepal's fifth phase power project implemented in 1988 has accumulated overseas project management experience for XD people; In 1992, it began to enter the markets of Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, especially in the Malaysian market. Facing the fierce competition from world-famous enterprises, it won the turnkey project of two power stations in Kuala Lumpur, The project is still the substation package with the highest technical content and capacity of China's mechanical and electrical products, and the two anti-skid test methods astmf489 and astmf1677, which are widely used at that time, have been withdrawn to obtain the dynamic information program of the friction process; The 138kv transmission and transformation line project contracted in 1995 on Leyte island in the Philippines has realized the expansion of China's power equipment export from transformation projects to transmission line projects, labor export and other businesses; In 2004, XD Group undertook the first GIS power station joint project in the Philippines from Cebu to maktan island

"going out", XD Group received rich returns. From 410000 US dollars of export earnings in 1987 to nearly 140million US dollars of export earnings in 2006, XD Group's export earnings have exceeded 900million US dollars in total. What makes XD people even more proud is that in the process of implementing the "going out", XD people have constantly connected with international advanced enterprises. In the cooperation with international advanced enterprises, through digestion, absorption and re innovation, the independent technical ability and management level of enterprises have been significantly improved. While exporting products, XD Group also achieved technology export. For example, xd-ever transformer repair and manufacturing plant was established in the form of technology shares with permanent power company of the Philippines; Transferred lightning arrester manufacturing technology to Thailand; Malaysia National Energy switchgear Co., Ltd. was jointly established with Malaysia National Energy Corporation with GIS manufacturing technology. This is also the first time that China has exported manufacturing technology of independent power transmission and transformation equipment to foreign countries

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