Lizhenfeng, a big farmer of agricultural machinery

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Lizhenfeng, a big farmer of agricultural machinery: "Dongfanghong" is better to use

lizhenfeng, a big farmer of agricultural machinery: "Dongfanghong" is better to use

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Central Plains. Although there is generally no agricultural work to do in early November, lizhenfeng still directs agricultural machinery operations in the field

as the chairman of Fengfeng agricultural machinery cooperative in Mingli village, Taocheng Town, Yanling County, Xuchang City, lizhenfeng was not only the first to provide agricultural machinery services in Xuchang, but also the largest in scale. In 2010, when Premier Wen Jiabao visited Xuchang to inspect the wheat harvest, he was one of the only three representatives of agricultural mechanization at the symposium

nowadays, Zhenfeng agricultural machinery cooperative has more than 20000 mu of land under its trust, including 3000 mu of land transferred by lizhenfeng himself, so he is not only a big farmer of agricultural machinery, but also a big farmer of grain. However, lizhenfeng's feelings for agricultural machinery are obviously deeper

"I began to contact agricultural machinery when I was a teenager." Lizhenfeng, 48, was a little embarrassed when he talked about his youth. "At that time, I didn't study well, so I didn't continue to study. One year, when I saw relatives coming to our village to help drive tractors, I went up and tried. I found that I was very interested in this, so I pestered my family to buy a tractor."

the family could not help him, so they took out the family's only 800 yuan savings and pieced together 2000 yuan, a total of 2800 yuan to buy a small four-wheel. Lizhenfeng began his "agricultural machinery business"

in addition to doing farm work, lizhenfeng also pulled fertilizer from local supply and marketing cooperatives and coal for brick kilns. Over the years, not only did the days become more and more moist, but also the equipment was upgraded. The tractors made in the first small factory were replaced by Dongfanghong tractors made in Luoyang, and later, more powerful tractors were added. With more equipment, lizhenfeng's service range becomes larger and larger, and his income becomes more and more, which makes the equipment more and more advanced. Unconsciously, lizhenfeng's agricultural machinery industry has entered a virtuous circle. At most, he has 12 tractors

"in 2003, I started a large tractor with 80 horsepower." Lizhenfeng said, "at that time, I bought a tractor made in Shandong, but the engine was imported, and because I was already well-known at that time, the manufacturer gave me 20000 yuan cheaper in order to let me help them do publicity."

as a major local agricultural machinery manufacturer, lizhenfeng's words are very influential. He said that the brand of academician workstation is good as an important scientific research project of Jin min, and the brand can be sold. Everyone looked at him, so for a while, under his leadership, local operators bought tractors of this brand

"the first equipped engine was imported, but it was not equipped later, and the price is no longer so favorable." Over time, lizhenfeng found more and more problems, so he began to try to contact other brands of high-power tractors. "I think I have to look for big factories and brands, so I think of 'Dongfanghong'."

2005, lizhenfeng first came into contact with Dongfanghong large wheelbarrow, and felt very good after using it. "Dongfanghong has many gears, high operation efficiency, convenient operation and excellent service." In addition, when he was young, he thought that "Dongfanghong" was a high-grade brand, and lizhenfeng firmly believed that "Dongfanghong" was better

"there is still a lot of land in this place. For example, there are more than 3000 people in our village, a total of 7000 mu, but 80% of them go out to work, so there is a lot of room for the development of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives." In june2006, lizhenfeng led the establishment of the first agricultural machinery cooperative in Xuchang. Up to now, the cooperative has owned more than 40 tractors and easily earned more than 3million yuan a year. He said, "generally, we can work for one month in summer and two months in autumn. When the service scope is the largest, from Hubei to Hebei, we are full of work orders every year."

"at present, there are fewer people and more land, all of which depend on mechanization. The agricultural season does not wait for people, so the requirements for tractors are very high." Lizhenfeng talked about agricultural machinery endlessly. "In general, when a tractor breaks down, it only delays the operation and agricultural time, but sometimes it also threatens life. In the past, we had a large tractor produced in Taishan East. When we were working, the clutch suddenly broke down, and the tractor lost control. Fortunately, it was blocked by a tree, otherwise it would be planted in a ditch. In that case, it would be fatal."

now, most of the tractors in Zhenfeng agricultural machinery cooperative have been replaced by "Dongfanghong". "Many of us have visited Yituo's factory in Luoyang. We have seen that Yituo has so many production lines, and the key parts are produced by ourselves. The quality control is very good, and the equipment technology is very advanced. We feel that the price is usually 2~3 times that of the electronic mechanics experimental machine, which is reassuring to use Yituo's products."

members of Zhenfeng agricultural machinery cooperative agree that Dongfanghong tractor is of excellent quality. This year they plan to purchase three more 150 horsepower Dongfanghong tractors

"Dongfanghong tractor is comfortable to drive and easy to operate. The quality is better than that of yerazunis and his research team. They then use their" 5D printing "method to use the same CAD model. Not only the owners are satisfied, but also the drivers are more willing to drive Dongfanghong tractor." Lizhenfeng said, "I also heard that Yituo has mastered the power shift technology that has reached the world's advanced level. Although I don't need such advanced equipment for the time being, I believe Yituo has such advanced technology, which will make Dongfanghong tractors better and better, and finally let imported agricultural machinery have no say in China."

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