LLDPE futures open low and go low market quotation

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[LLDPE] the market quotation of futures opened at a low price and went down slightly

I. brief introduction to the market

today, the LLDPE market fell slightly, and the transaction volume decreased compared with yesterday. LLDPE futures open low and go low, businesses' confidence in real offer operation is not strong, and the purchase intention of downstream factories is weak, so the market is difficult to be supported by favorable factors. Today, market prices in North China, East China and South China fell slightly, while those in southwest and Northeast China continued to stabilize

II. Brief introduction to upstream markets

on Monday, as S & P may downgrade the credit rating of some euro zone countries, the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar rose and fell, curbing the room for oil price rise. The international oil price in New York rose by US $0.03/barrel to US $100.99/barrel. With the intraday oil price rising, businesses in the market cautiously chased higher, and the firm offer transaction was limited

on Monday, the Northeast Asian market of Asian ethylene closed up by a narrow range of $5/ton to close at 1104 5 USD/ton CFR; The Southeast Asian market continued to stabilize and closed at USD/ton CFR. The market is dominated by inertia and wait-and-see. Supported by some rigid demands, a small number of inquiries are made, and the buyer offers

III. local market prices

the LLDPE market quotation today is slightly weak, the merchants' mentality is poor, the terminal demand is weak, the enthusiasm for receiving goods is not high, and the overall transaction is poor

the linear quotation in Shanghai PE market declined slightly. Petrochemical pricing, market price exploration space is limited, in the morning, l accounted for 15.56% of the LDPE futures, which opened slightly lower, and merchants lack confidence in operation

the linear quotation of Qingzhou PE market fell slightly. In the morning, the linear futures opened low and went low. The mentality of the merchants was relatively stable. Most of them held a positive shipping attitude. The downstream inquiry situation was not optimistic, the trading was insufficient, and the transaction was slightly light

the linear quotation of PE market in Hangzhou declined slightly. The opening price of futures was lower, the mentality of merchants was not good, and they actively shipped goods by appropriately giving up profits. The downstream demand has not improved, the inquiry is general, and the transaction is mainly negotiated

IV. latest quotation

1 Sinopec quotation

Sinopec sells South China LLDPE with general inventory and is listed for sale. The reference price is as follows: 7042/Guangzhou Petrochemical is 9550 yuan/ton, 7144/Maoming Petrochemical is 10500 yuan/ton

Sinopec Sales East China LLDPE pricing sales, general inventory. The reference price is as follows: 7042/Yangzi Petrochemical is 9250 yuan/ton for ultra-thin ultra light aircraft, ultra-thin foldable and high-strength aviation materials, and 7042/Zhenhai ethylene is 9200 yuan/ton

4. When adjusting the speed gear, 1 must cut off the power supply. PetroChina South China LLDPE is listed for sale. The inventory is general. The reference prices are as follows: rmb9500/ton for 7042/Jilin Petrochemical and rmb9500/ton for 7042/Lanzhou Petrochemical

2. The mall quotation

as of 15:00, some brands of China Plastics' spot LLDPE were mixed, with a range of yuan/ton. Among them, 3224/Taiwan plastic was at the lowest price of 9500 yuan/ton (down 200), 7042n/Lanzhou Petrochemical was at the lowest price of 10700 yuan/ton (up 500), dfda-7042/Lanzhou Petrochemical was at the lowest price of 9400 yuan/ton (down 50), and ll0220aa/Shanghai Secco was at the lowest price of 9450 yuan/ton (down 150)

v. future forecast

the current market generally holds pessimistic expectations for the macro-economy, and the support for the spot market is weak. Affected by the demand of enterprises to accelerate the completion of financing projects at the end of the year, the financing pressure in December was great, and it is the judgment that the main risk in the medium and short-term market will continue to maintain the pressure of capital demand. There is no obvious change in the orders of downstream factories, which is still in a low state, and the downstream demand will not be significantly improved in the short term. If there are no positive factors to stimulate the future market, the LLDPE market price may still decline. The central economic work conference and November macroeconomic data are the key factors affecting the short-term market trend

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