Hebei spent 11.85 million to purchase 7 sets of in

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Hebei spent 11.85 million to purchase 7 sets of instruments and equipment on June 21, the Chinese government issued a public bidding announcement for the purchase of laboratory instruments of the geological and mineral center of Hebei Province. According to the announcement, the order amount from government agencies and public facilities of Hebei geology and mineral resources central laboratory increased to 101.9% in the same month of last year. It is planned to budget 11.855 million yuan but purchase 7 sets of instruments and equipment, including 3 sets of mass spectrometry systems

it is understood that the equipment purchased this time is used for address survey, including high-resolution magnetic mass spectrometer, mid infrared spectrometer, gas phase open oil return valve and then bulabula chromatography-mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer and other equipment

purchased equipment:


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