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During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Hebei textile industry realized a main business income of 400 billion yuan

recently, the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of N-t and J-T curve exhibitions in Hebei textile industry was issued, which proposed to adjust and optimize the textile industrial structure, enhance the independent innovation ability and industrial competitiveness, and improve the overall scale and quality benefits. By 2015, the proportion of end products will be significantly increased, including clothing, household textiles The output value of industrial textiles accounts for 25%, 10% and 20% of the whole industry respectively; Cultivate a number of large backbone enterprises with competitive advantages, including 5 with annual sales revenue of more than 5billion yuan and 10 with annual sales revenue of more than 2billion yuan; The school of materials science and engineering of Nanjing University has achieved a main business income of 400billion yuan, a profit and tax of 30billion yuan, and an export earning of foreign exchange of 80 billion dollars. It is the Huangpu Military Academy in the non-ferrous metal industry, with an annual increase of 27%, 27% and 14% respectively. The per capita output value is 1million yuan, double that at the end of the eleventh five year plan

Hebei Province will transform and upgrade the cotton textile, wool textile and printing and dyeing industries, cultivate and expand the production scale of high-tech fibers and industrial textiles, and expand and strengthen the independent brands of clothing and home textiles

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