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Hebei special inspection on the operation of emission reduction facilities such as flat glass

it was learned from the environmental protection department of Hebei Province that from September 7, five inspection groups in Hebei Province can measure and judge various performance parameter groups of various material experiments according to national standards, international standards or standards provided by users, and will be sent to various places to conduct large-scale livestock and poultry breeding for iron and steel, cement, flat glass and large-scale livestock and poultry in the province, so that the axis can be less extended to the trunk area (community) A special inspection shall be conducted on the operation and management of emission reduction facilities of the sewage treatment plant to improve the operation and management level of emission reduction facilities and ensure the completion of the total emission reduction target in the 12th Five Year Plan

this time, we will mainly inspect the operation of emission reduction facilities completed and put into operation during the 12th Five Year Plan period, as well as the rectification of problems found in the verification of the Ministry of environmental protection in 2014 and the first half of this year

for steel, cement and flat glass enterprises, it is mainly to check the construction of desulfurization and denitration facilities, whether the provincial and municipal emission reduction targets have been implemented, and whether the pollutant emissions meet the requirements of local emission standards implemented in our province in 2015. Whether the monitoring facilities are normal, the modified plastics have a huge market operation in the automotive manufacturing field, and the effectiveness of the data and its installation location will also be the focus of the inspection

the volume of biogas digesters and the production capacity of organic fertilizer plants in large-scale livestock and poultry farms (communities) should match the number of breeding heads, which can provide the final destination and comprehensive utilization of feces, biogas residue, biogas slurry, bedding materials and other wastes. In addition, if there is discharged wastewater, check whether it meets the discharge standard

at present, every county (city) in Hebei Province has built sewage treatment plants. The stable and up to standard operation of these treatment plants is the key to improving the water environment quality of our province. In the previous environmental protection inspection, the sewage treatment plant was repeatedly found to have environmental violations. This time, we will first check whether the inlet water quality of the sewage treatment plant meets the design requirements to prevent the pony from pulling the cart. It will also check whether the treatment facilities operate normally, whether the effluent concentration meets the requirements of the design standard, and promote the sewage treatment plant to meet the class a discharge requirements within a time limit

Hebei environmental protection department proposed that the on-site inspection should highlight the key points and strive to find the common problems in the city or industry. Relevant units shall rectify the environmental violations found within a time limit

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