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Iron and steel industry: Hebei has launched a major environmental protection inspection. The steel market is calm.

the latest news shows that Tangshan, an important iron and steel town in Hebei, will launch a major environmental protection inspection in the near future, while the iron and steel industry is a heavily polluting industry, which is in the ranks of key rectification. However, in the face of this news, the steel market is calm. Under the huge pressure of destocking, the steel price is still "at a loss". It is understood that this environmental protection inspection mainly focuses on "three inspections" such as illegal sewage discharge, excessive sewage discharge and malicious sewage discharge. It was pointed out at the theme forum "sustainable development - contribution of the plastic industry". The cause of the action is precisely because the central and eastern regions of China have been frequently disturbed by fog and haze recently. The originally purchased material testing machine has boosted the domestic demand for environmental protection. The iron and steel industry is a heavily polluting industry, and Tangshan is far away from the capital, so it is naturally among the priorities of this time. According to the statistics of Jinyin Island Co., Ltd., a bulk commodity information provider, as of the end of February, the blast furnace operating rate in Tangshan area was about 94%, a decline, and the effect of the environmental protection inspection was initially effective. In the later stage, some enterprises that do not meet the environmental protection requirements may face rectification, shutdown and other measures. In addition, according to the purchasing manager index (PMI) of Hebei Iron and steel industry released by Hebei Metallurgical Industry Association in February 2013, it was 43.3%, down 7% month on month, and fell below the boom and bust line for the first time in five months. A person in the iron and steel industry disclosed that after the two sessions, the environmental protection pressure in North China has become more and more obvious, and the environmental protection actions in the Bohai Rim region will be upgraded in the later stage. According to the statistics of China United Steel, the total capacity of 28 administrative regions in China is 934million tons, and the capacity distribution in most places is almost blank; On the other hand, there is a serious regional imbalance in China's rapid industrial development in recent years. Among them, Hebei Province has the largest capacity, with a total capacity of 240million tons, accounting for 25.7% of the country's total capacity. Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning around the Bohai Sea and Jiangsu Province rich in port resources account for 50% of the country's total capacity. Compared with the eastern region, the capacity of the western region is obviously insufficient, and the steel capacity of the 11 administrative regions accounts for only 14.8% of the total. Caichenyang, an analyst at Jinyin Island, believes that the environmental protection inspection will not have a great impact on the current market, but can only be a potential factor. Because the steel supply will not decrease significantly in the short term, and the huge inventory pressure is the biggest threat. According to the latest market report provided by "my steel", a well-known domestic steel information organization, the social inventory of major domestic steel products has been rising for several weeks, and has now risen to a new high in recent years. By the middle of February, the average daily output of crude steel in China had exceeded 2million tons, the first time since October last year. On the one hand, steel output and inventory pressure are developing at the same time; On the other hand, the downstream demand of the steel industry is still not too optimistic. Under the background of excess steel production capacity and the impact of the "five national policies" on real estate investment, it is difficult for the entire steel industry to fundamentally improve the operation of the industry. Intermediate traders generally take de stocking as the primary task at present. It is also a major environmental protection inspection. Compared with the same period in 2008, this year's situation is quite different. At this time in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games was about to be held, and the environmental protection inspection in Tangshan was also carried out one after another. The steel price was in short supply, and the coke price was also rising. Both the two varieties reached a record high hand in hand


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