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The subtleties of cigarette packaging some people like the feeling when tearing open the cigarette box pull wire. Some people think that the cigarettes in red packaging are full-bodied and full of strength - China is the largest cigarette consumer with the largest sales volume and brand in the world at present. In the face of a large number of cigarette brands in the market, consumers have great selectivity in purchasing behavior, which is the main reason why some brands of cigarettes sell well and some brands are unsalable. According to the survey, the proportion of conformity consumption in cigarette consumption is gradually increasing. According to the psychological theory: any consumer who buys a commodity must make a comprehensive analysis of the impression he feels before deciding whether to buy it. Therefore, cigarette packaging plays an important role in product homogenization

cigarette packaging has a close relationship with consumer psychology, mainly in the following aspects:

1 Cigarette packaging reflects value

cigarette packaging is an important means to realize the value and use value of cigarette products and increase their sales value. Cigarette packaging is a part of the product, which is used to convey information, sell cigarettes, maintain quality and brand reputation. At the same time, like cigarette brands, it has the function of perceptual clues to consumers. It conveys specific symbols to consumers and gives consumers a clear image of product quality, grade and characteristics. It is the basic way of cigarette perception communication. Package of cigarette products 5.1 main work contents of environmental impact assessment: it plays a particularly important psychological role, but it has not been paid enough attention in some cigarette manufacturing enterprises. They fail to realize that if the logo and color of the trademark paper are not attractive to consumers, then the best advertising and internal quality will fail. Market feedback shows that some cigarette product packaging still has some phenomena, such as poor forming of small packaging boxes, no trademark paper and lack of packages in the carton. These seemingly small problems will directly affect consumers' purchasing psychology and behavior

2. The psychological function of cigarette packaging although the design of cigarette packaging has carried out a lot of research and innovation, the basic design has not changed much. For example, the basic composition of cigarette packaging (soft package) is a transparent film with a drawstring; A piece of outsourced trademark paper; A piece of inner wrapping paper of aluminum foil, and a sealing label is used to seal the top. Psychological studies have shown that the action of a smoker to open a cigarette box is very important, because he can see with his own eyes that cigarettes are well protected in the process. At the same time, the process of opening the cigarette pack can make them feel happy mentally. It is worth noting that the feeling of tearing the strap and the crisp and tight feeling of the cigarette pack have subtle psychological effects on smokers. Some consumers have no other reason to buy cigarettes of a certain brand over and over again, just because they like the special feeling when tearing the pull wire

3. Cigarette packaging design, packaging materials and packaging colors

as the packaging specifications of cigarette products are relatively unified in the market, in order to distinguish other brand products, packaging design, packaging materials and packaging colors play an important role. They provide consumers with information about product quality and grade. From the perspective of psychology, different cigarette packaging designs and packaging materials can leave consumers with completely different product impressions. At the same time, packaging design and packaging materials are an important basis for consumers to evaluate the quality of cigarette products

as far as vision is concerned, color precedes shape, and it can be said that color plays an important role in cigarette packaging. In order to achieve obvious cigarette window display and publicity effect, packaging color is naturally an important part of cigarette product design. Psychological research shows that different colors have different psychological reactions to consumers. Some people have done cigarette packaging color experiments. Cigarettes with identical packaging design and quality are packaged in four colors: white, red, green and coffee, and then different smokers are allowed to observe, compare and evaluate. The results show that although there are great differences in the participants' personal character, hobbies and educational level, the conclusions are surprisingly similar. They agreed that there were great differences among the four colors of cigarettes. The white packaged cigarettes were soft and light; The cigarettes packed in red are full-bodied and vigorous; The cigarettes with green packaging are elegant, mellow, comfortable and high-grade. Therefore, the correct use of packaging color matching method plays a good role in maintaining the style of cigarette products and psychological induction of consumers

4. Psychological strategy of cigarette packaging

packaging is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. Cigarette packaging decision is an important decision of enterprise marketing activities. There is no good market without good packaging, which is already a marketing law. Cigarette packaging is the direct and main transmitter of cigarette product personality, and the most sensitive and influential factor of product personality. Successful cigarette packaging has two secrets. In order to make a successful cigarette packaging decision, we must pay attention to the following two points:


cigarette packaging must meet the emotional and aesthetic needs of consumers. Generally, when consumers buy cigarettes, for unfamiliar brands, they always like to choose products that look in line with their own tastes, that is, they prefer to choose cigarettes whose packaging image is consistent with their own aesthetic habits, interests and ideals. For example, the "Salem" brand cigarette, which ranks first in the sales of menthol cigarettes in the world, is designed with white as the main tone, representing purity, romance and comfort; The brand name is set off with green lines, adding a bit of nobility and freshness; The top of the cigarette box is a miniature of a green tree, symbolizing the lush forest and nature. The whole design reflects a fresh, elegant, natural and pleasant mood, highlights the characteristics of mint smoke, and especially caters to the appreciation habits of the intellectual class and women


do not easily change the product packaging image. Cigarettes are habitual consumer goods. Consumers like to buy cigarettes according to their familiar packaging image. Once cigarette packaging has formed a deep impression in consumers' memory, changing this packaging will take a great risk. Because any change in packaging image may cause consumers to doubt and mistrust the product impression, they will think that the cigarette products with changed packaging are very different from those before, resulting in the interruption of consumption. Therefore, before the enterprise decides to change the product packaging, it must analyze whether the purchase response to consumers after changing the packaging is positive or negative; The impact of changing packaging on product profits and market sales

of course, in cigarette sales, cigarette manufacturers often use marketing strategies such as changing packaging, multi variety packaging and gift packaging, which can strengthen and stimulate consumers' purchasing psychology and realize their purchasing behavior

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