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Titanium dioxide substitutes: the birth of ultra-fine ceramic powders

titanium dioxide substitutes: the birth of ultra-fine ceramic powders

September 14, 2004

with the development of social economy, especially the development of the real estate industry, the market demand for coatings has been driven. The demand for titanium dioxide has been increasing, and the price has also been rising all the way, which has increased the production cost of enterprises. Small enterprises are overwhelmed and have gone bankrupt or changed careers. In order to reduce costs, Many enterprises add a large number of cheap fillers to reduce production costs, but the product performance declines, affecting the use of products and losing the competitiveness of the market. The consequences can be imagined

a new functional material, ultra-fine ultra ceramic powder, developed and produced by Shanghai huijingya nano new materials Co., Ltd., was born. It not only replaces the expensive amount of titanium dioxide to a certain extent, greatly reduces the production cost, but also improves the performance of the coating, overcomes the yellowing phenomenon of titanium dioxide powder, and improves the coating. New Dow will be the largest acid and alkali resistant, corrosion-resistant, aging resistant Scrubbing resistance, anti fouling and other properties, as well as brushing, rheology, can opening, fast drying speed, fine texture, high solid content, reduced VOC content, and fine coating texture. A large number of experiments show that ultrafine ceramic powder is a new functional material with great potential

the main component of ultra-fine ceramic powder is aluminum silicate, which is refined through special production and processing. Its particle size distribution is less than 6 microns, and it has good dispersibility, good suspension, high whiteness, good chemical stability, low density, insulation and limited resistance. The vast majority of enterprise talent development funds are used for the cultivation and development of popular medium and low-grade talents. The high temperature performance is particularly prominent. It can be used in various coatings, coatings and inks, and can replace titanium dioxide, Greatly reduce costs

under such circumstances, Shanghai huijingya nano new materials Co., Ltd. developed this new functional pigment and filler, which meets people's needs, plays a very important role in reducing the production cost of the enterprise, and improves the comprehensive performance of the coating, which is unmatched by any other functional filler

as a new type of functional material, its application and development still need a process, but it will eventually bring new to the coating industry and make the adjacent coils closely arranged in a spiral coil revolution. We are convinced that through our efforts, its unique performance will be fully utilized and rapidly promoted. It is the pride of Huijing and the gospel of the industry

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